March 16, 2011

Should There Be Any Wonder? Should His Fellow Dems Question The Chosen One? Excellent Piece! Loved Reading!

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written by The Frog Prince
Wednesday March 16, 2011

Seriously, is it true that his fellow compatriots are voicing discontent on Smirky's lack of leadership in the continuing budget impasse? Lets just look at his legislative record. Whoops! You say he never really had one? That was pointed out here and there during the campaign and glossed over by The Lame Stream Media. Politically, one of the easiest ways to never leave a trace is to vote "Present," and Obama had it down to a fine art. But when you are the President of the United States, you need to be more than "present." Obama's short political career, upon examination, doesn't exactly give any appearance that he is a cowboy who knows how to tame The Federal Bronco.

The health care debate that lasted 18 months, his signature piece of work so far, should have been telling to his compatriots. It was brutal. When did he enter the fray? Looking back, he became actively engaged only during the last three weeks of the carnage that resulted in a monstrosity of a bill that people are still discovering the tid bits that were inserted. The budget impasse to Smirky seems like small potatoes compared to the trillion dollar plus monstrosity that has been now labeled Obamacare.

Now this isn't exactly nuclear science, this political posturing by The Smirkster. The fray is on folks. He seems content not to take the lead and why would that be? From the Stimupork bill, his energy initiatives (I question these) and lets not forget his debt commission, he has grandiose ideas but doesn't seem to want to lead and provide the necessary guidance. from a Presidential perspective. Is it any wonder from someone's whose claim to fame is being a Community Organizer in Chicago?

Joe Machin, the junior Democratic Senator from West Virginia put it rather bluntly when he sated that Obama has "failed to lead." Well DUH. How do you lead from the third tee? As one writer put it, his fellow Democrats should get it by now. I quote, "Obama is above the fray, and alas, they are the fray." Just go back and reread the first paragraph to comprehend what is going on here. It's called the "blame game" and I see him do it quite often as time goes along. Having led many soldiers throughout the world, I'll call it what it is, "lack of leadership qualities." A true leader does more than give give a good speech off a teleprompter. There will be heat dispensed in a fray and some people are more content to have the toast toasted on others than take the lead in the fray. That's a simplified explanation I know.

Plausible deniability is the key in this whole sordid administration. Take the failed Cap and Tax legislation he proposed. It wasn't his fault it didn't pass - right? Obamacare is another shining example only that passed and the majority of Americans weren't exactly enamored with it. But can he plausibly deny his involvement if he he actually got his hands dirty during the process? There's the Catch 22 in what is going on. He was present and above the fray. What's with all the waivers now being granted to his special interests since he flourished the pen to the paper? Think it through. I shouldn't really have to answer that for you if you have an ounce of political astuteness.

Listen closely as he still hits the campaign trail complaining about how "the people in Washington" do business. Is he the guy who told us all that he was going to "change" that? Things never get changed when one sits above the fray. Get a clue Democratic legislators, he's talking about you too - like a dog. Better to remain aloof and let the chips fall where they may. We saw where they fell in November of 2010 and that couldn't have possibly been any of his doing. RIGHT?

Just a few thoughts and facts. Ya'll have a nice day!

The Frog

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