March 16, 2011

Sad Reality: Barack Obama Is Our "Missing In Action" "Perfectly Groomed Mannequin" Spot On Description! Excellent Piece!

Investor's Business Daily
written by Ernest S. Christian and Gary A. Robbins
Wednesday March 16, 2011

By any rational standard, Barack Obama gets an F for job performance and should — on that basis alone — either resign or be voted out ASAP before he does further harm.

Obama is a strange man who often seems not to be paying attention. Does he have a second job and work for America only part time? Is he real or virtual?

Other nations no longer look to America's mysterious president for leadership. "President Obama stands mostly mute at the sidelines like a perfectly groomed mannequin," reports Matthew d'Ancona of the U.K.'s Telegraph.

So faint and fumbling is Obama that even his hard-core lefty colleagues are forced to avert their eyes in embarrassment. An exasperated Richard Cohen at the Washington Post blurted out the truth regarding the president: "Like a picture hung in the sun, he fades over time."

Columnist Ruth Marcus no longer seems comfortable in her "progressive" skin; it has been sullied by Obama. She now lampoons him for being "missing in action" on issues vital to America's financial standing and moral integrity.

In their own way, many liberals care deeply about this country; it's just that they think they and a bunch of bumbling bureaucrats can run our lives better than we can. Big mistake!

President Obama — the worst-case example — has not done one single thing to make America better off. His presidential scorecard is all negatives, a mixture of strikeouts, bunts, pop flies and game-losing errors so dumb and off-base they must be deliberate. Why else would he spend us into bankruptcy and lower our flag of freedom?

Obama's foreign policy is a moral and intellectual outrage. People in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere in that region seek liberty and need help. But from Obama they get flabby babble that means nothing or is too little, too late and grudging. He is condemning whole populations to further enslavement — and pushing millions of people into the arms of bin Laden, thereby pointing a gun right back at America's head.

Obama's cruel hypocrisy is a version of the anti-colonialist, noninterventionist hooey that South Africa's former President Thabo Mbeki used as an excuse for letting Robert Mugabe murder and starve millions of people in neighboring Zimbabwe. Like Obama today, Mbeki cynically claimed to be pursuing a brand of diplomacy "softly, softly," always passing the buck to toothless international tribunals. Meanwhile, Mugabe continued the mayhem.

Obama is as a matter of principle reluctant to interfere with the evil plans of despots — not even the mullahs in Iran who threaten nuclear holocaust — but he does not hesitate to impose harmful, downright bizarre "solutions" on innocent Americans.

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