March 4, 2011

Radical Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary Backs Out Of PRO-Sharia D.C. Rally

Frankly, I don't care what religion you practice and I love that we have FREEDOM of religion in America. You can worship whatever or whomever you want. We have Christians, Jews, Muslims, Scientologist, Catholics, Hindu's, Buddhist, Hare Krishna's, New Age spirituality, Tree worshipers, Earth worshipers, Atheist, Satanic worshipers, witches, you name it we have it. But I draw the line with ANY RELIGION who wishes TO IMPOSE their beliefs and their strict sharia laws on the American public. These radical islamist extremist want to REPLACE our US Constitution/Bill of Rights with their strict Islamic Sharia Law. Don't be FOOLED. There are liberal/moderate muslims and there are Islamist EXTREMIST who want to ESTABLISH Islam in America! Meaning they want America to become a Theocracy like Iran. I don't want to be ruled by the State (Marxist Socialist Communist governmentt) nor do I want to be ruled by the Church (ANY RELIGION)! I absolutely REFUSE to live under sharia! And you are willfully naive when you refuse to distinguish the difference between a liberal/moderate muslim and a radical islamist extremist. Pay attention to their language. The Muslim extremist are disgusted with Americans infidel way of life! I'll be damned if I allow our country to be ruled by male chauvinist PIGS who will force me to wear a burqa and force me to watch my gay friends be executed BY SHARIA LAW.

Sure, they have a right to protest. Just like the KKK and Westboro Baptist Church. They are all radicals but are protected by the First Amendment. My beef is this guy and radical American muslim groups want and intend TO IMPOSE STRICT SHARIA LAW on the American public. Meaning they want America to become a nation of Islam, a Theocracy like Iran. How much more obvious does it need to be for all of you who refuse to open your eyes? How much more in your face do they need to be? They are telling us PLAINLY what they want to do. This picture below is from Islamic Thinkers Society based in New York. Oh and you can also check out We can't keep pretending these radical muslims don't exist. If ANY GROUP suggest they want to ABOLISH OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS should raise some major RED FLAGS!
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written by Matthew Boyle - The Daily Caller
Thursday March 3, 2011

Radical British Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary announced he’s “postponing” his Washington rally calling for Sharia law in the United States. In a video address on his website, Choudary didn’t provide a new date for his protest, which was scheduled for Thursday.

He blamed media’s “distorting” of his message as the reason for canceling the protest. He said the media have been “talking about security matters and conflict and they are talking about us threatening the Americans.”

“In light of the fact that many people have given us advice from the Muslim community, both in Britain and in America, and from our scholars like Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed and others, that it is better to postpone the call for the Sharia in Washington,” Choudary said.

The Gainesville, Fla., Pastor who last fall threatened to burn Korans, then backed down, Terry Jones, plans to move forward with his counter-protest, even though Choudary won’t be there.

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