March 10, 2011

Progressive Tea Party? WTF?! That's An OXYMORON To The Max!

Progressive Tea Party? WTF?! That's an OXYMORON to the max! Progressive = BIG GOVERNMENT, socialism, open to fraud and MORE TAXES. Tea Party = smaller government, free market Capitalism (NOT the status quo crony capitalism), efficiency and less taxes! The Progressive socialist utopian clones have been calling us teabaggers and racist for 2 years. So now this makes them teabaggers and racist too!!! RTFLMAO!!! They are such copycats and major buffoons not to understand the difference! In this video, the Progressive Tea Party is storming into a Bank of America shareholders meeting and making fools of themselves demanding they pay more taxes. What they have NEVER stopped to think about is Bank of America has been granted these tax loopholes by our government. Therefore, anybody in their right mind would go directly to the source. Who is the source you might ask? Our federal government who created the laws that gives these banksters the tax breaks! Bank of America is NOT doing anything ILLEGAL. The Progressive Tea Party aka US Uncut is waisting their time and energy. It would be more effective for them to contact their representative and ask them to draft a bill that changes these tax loopholes for the banksters.


I track and read the legislative bills on my personal time! That's more than I can say about our representatives who get paid 6 figure salaries and vote on legislation that negatively affects us all without having read it. They have ignored their FIDUCIARY DUTY for far too long! Some don't even vote and some don't bother showing up for work. We are regular folks in America from all walks of life holding our government accountable! We are INVOLVED and INFORMED.

NO MORE FREE RIDES for elected officials.

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