March 25, 2011

Egyptian Revolution 2011 COMPLETE. World MUST Watch This. Freedom For All!

wow I'm not even half way through the video and I'm emotional feeling their need to break FREE from an oppressive government!!! I would be doing the same if it were to get that bad over here in the United States!

But I hope and pray that ALL of you in Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Lybia, Yemen, Jordan and Bahrain sincerely want FREEDOM for all people in your nations. Not freedom for a select group. That would make you NO DIFFERENT and JUST AS BAD as the regime you kicked out. You don't want to go from a dictatorship to a theocracy either!!! Because you will be jumping out of the frying pan and into the FIRE! Just take a good look at Iran! The Iranian/Persian people have had enough of the stranglehold that the Mullahs in Iran have over the people in their country. Saudi Arabia also controls their people with strict relgious laws. Women have no rights there either. It's bad enough women are FORCED to wear the burqa, covered from head to toe. But women can't even wear COLORED burqa's for heaven's sakes.

You do not want neither the Church (ANY RELIGION) nor the State (dictatorship, marxism, socialism, communism or even labor unions) to CONTROL you. There is NO FREEDOM with that kind of government. All of you should be FREE to practice whatever religion you want and respect each others beliefs. But don't IMPOSE those beliefs such as sharia law on the general public!!! Sharia law is OPPRESSIVE! Do not incorporate that in your constitution. Just stay focused on CIVIL RIGHTS and INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY for your own sakes! You should have GENERAL LAWS that protects ALL of your country's CITIZENS and NOT just a selective group.

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