February 28, 2011

South Los Angeles Officials And Community Members Push To Save Public Libraries!!! Public Service Unions Are Responsible!

Government employees public service unions would rather THE TAXPAYERS REVENUE go towards their PENSION and BENEFITS and screw the public services our taxes are supposed to be paying for!!!

I warned about this a while back. The public needs to understand basic accounting. Revenue (income) and liabilities (expenses). The government gets their revenue from taxpayers that come from different avenues ie; sales tax, gasoline tax, property tax, utility tax, alcohol tax, tobacco tax and what else am I missing...?

Oh yeah how can I forget income tax, corporate tax, small business tax and auto registration fees and traffic citations, parking tickets and parking meter fees. And isn't a portion of the California State lottery supposed to go towards PUBLIC EDUCATION?!?! These public officials don't know how to manage our public funds. They seriously are dirty rotten scoundrels! They are irresponsible THIEVES! I have NOTHING nice to say about them right now!

Our government employees public service unions get PAID almost twice the average salary a non-government employee earns. PLUS they get cushy retirement pension plans and retirement medical benefits. PLUS Our government EXEMPTED these public service employees from having to pay into the Social Security (government retirment income) and Medicare (government retirement medical) system the rest of the American public is FORCED to pay into. Oh and President Obama has recently EXEMPTED these public service unions from Obamacare aka the Healthcare Reform law that has been FORCED upon the rest of the American public!!! This is a result of the UNETHICAL government employee public service union collective bargaining rights! Our elected officials have been granting their demands above what is in the best interest of the general public. So basically, our elected officials are working to satisfy the public service unions and NOT THE GENERAL PUBLIC! You are just as bad or worse than the BANKSTERS who the taxpayers bailed out. BOTH bailouts are moral hazards and BOTH put their interests above that of the general public!

Because of that fact most of the taxpayer revenue is going to pay for what I mentioned above and our public services will be cut because the public service unions don't want to give up the cash cow or golden goose they're used to having at OUR EXPENSE.

This is called a payoff for political campaign support. But this creates a great riff in any society because the have's are working in government and the have-not's are non-government employees. The government elites only vote in politicians who will continue caving into their demands. The only job that would be "secure" in society is working for the government. Garbage collector's earn more than $100,000 in the state of New York. My mom and I heard this and couldn't help but laugh and say "Where do we sign up!" I have a bachelor's degree in finance and have never earned that much with 20 years business/finance/investment experience. Who care's about the title right. You can call me a nanny or maid or garbage collector, I don't have a problem throwing on a pair of overalls and work boots as long as you're paying me $100,000 or more!!! with great benefits and AWESOME retirement benefits. They can retire (stop working) in their 50's and continue getting the same pay and medical benefits. HECK, I too would be fighting to keep that DEAL!!! This is why you see these public and private union protest all over America. But it's destroying us!

I would like to point out that the public and private union protest are in complete contrast to what the Egyptians and the rest of the middle east and north African protestors are fighting for. America's government employee public service unions want to keep their cash cow, whereas the Egyptians and the rest of the world are fighting against the government elites like you because they are tired of struggling and being the have-not's! Their dictators only benefited government employees and those who were chummy with them. Meanwhile, the rest of the general public had to do whatever to make ends meat. So I say shame on you public service employee unions for having the nerve to compare your situation to their plight! Heck, America has over 10% unemployment, that would be somewhere above 30 million people. I'm sure anyone of those unemployed would be happy to take your place and be GRATEFUL to just get a regular paycheck to pay for their living expenses.


The South Los Angeles Report
written by Megan Dickey
Monday February 28, 2011

Los Angeles Residents waved signs that read, "Open These Doors," on the steps of the Angeles Mesa Branch Library. Budget cuts forced public libraries in the city to close their doors twice a week.

Council-member Bernard Parks says residents in the 8th district deserve to have the library open seven days a week.

"Many students come here for after school programs instead of going home to an empty home," Parks said. "Or going to some other unhealthy after-school activity...we're talking about unhealthy activities that could be gang related."

But opponents fear that the measure would reduce the amount of money available for law enforcement agencies, fire services and street cleaning. But Parks, a law enforcement officer for 38 years, said libraries help stop crime.

"The libraries provide just as much or more prevention, intervention and education than law enforcement could ever do," Parks said. "A librarian today is worth every dollar we spend and is equal if not more important than a police officer."

Measure L would change the city charter to guarantee the Library Department a higher percentage of property tax revenue. The library would get $18 million in emergency funding without raising taxes. City Librarian Martรญn Gรณmez says he backs the measure.

"At a time when unemployment has reached record numbers, when students need all the support and resources they need to succeed, when more and more information is available only to those who can afford access to the Internet, the people he people of Los Angeles need their library now more than ever," City Librarian Martรญn Gรณmez said.

The Los Angeles public libraries serve 15,000 kids every day, Gomez said. Last year, 7 million people visited the library. Roy Stone, President of the Librarians Guild , expressed fear over what might happen if Measure L doesn't pass.

"Libraries will be closed," Stone said. "There will be more firing and more layoffs."

And Cheryl McCall, a clerk typist at the Mesa branch, stressed the importance of the library in the community.

"The library is an artery to the heart of the city of Los Angeles and the community depends upon us to be here and we try to help everyone in all areas of life."

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