February 25, 2011

The Muslim Students Association Pledge of Allegiance

I've taken the following from Pajamas media YouTube description:

This video from the MSA West conference at UCLA, Feb 2011, shows Amir Abdel Malik leading attendees in the MSA's pledge of allegiance. The pledge mirror's the credo of the Muslim Brotherhood. Malik himself has been cited in the past for his hate speech:


I have typed a transcript below of this video message for those of you who can't watch the video or want to stay willfully naive about this:

We want to say to the brothers and sisters who are here, and you know we have brothers and sisters who are here today who are amongst us whose family is like locked up (?) evidence. and we say to you all hang in there, hang in there and we will continue to making (?) for you and don't give up and we have to embrace them and not kick them to the curb, we have to embrace them. You all go back and get your book. We will end with the pledge of allegiance.

Allah is my lord. Islam is my life. The koran is my guide. The Sunna is my practice. Jihad is my spirit. Righteousness is my character. Paradise is my goal. For I enjoin what is right. I forbid what is wrong. I will fight against oppression. And I will die to establish Islam.


Now I'd like to share my exchange with friends after I posted this video on Facebook.

Josette (Me): Woah.... wtf?!?! They are not hiding it anymore! And this was right here at UCLA!!!! omg.... MUST WATCH and LISTEN!!!!!!!

Josette: Everybody on ALL SIDES need to stop being willfully naive about this situation and these people wanting to make the US an Islamist state! The pledge says "I will fight against oppression" This is how f***ing twisted these people are ISLAM (sharia law) IS OPPRESSION!!! When you have to OBEY OR DIE... wtf do you call that?!?! OPPRESSION! everybody seriously needs to wake the f*** up!

Pam: @Josette, Wtf? When the kkk make those hate speech, we jump all over them. Why is this bullshit acceptable?

Josette: ‎@Pam, my thoughts EXACTLY!!! Why is this TOLERATED AT ALL?! These people are the same. There is no difference! They are allowed to freely express this kind of speech due to the first amendment. Just like the KKK and that other radical christian group who targets military funerals... I think their name is westboro baptist church or something like that. They blame military deaths on homosexuals existence in the US and go to their funerals to applaud the military person's deaths.

Josette: @Pam, freedom of speech needs to be protected even though this is radical speech. I just wish the people on the extreme far left would admit this is wrong and stop condoning it. It would be like people condoning the kkk or westboro. No different.

David: @Josette, America. Is this a great country, or what?

Josette: @David, THE BEST! Compared to the rest of the world in terms of rights. YES! There is a lot that needs to be improved and restored and thank goodness we are all working on that. We really need to save the REPUBLIC!!!

John: The MB has been on the move in America since the 70's. It's too bad that we as a nation have kept our heads in the sand so long and have given so much up to the forces that seek to destroy us. There is a great clash coming with the forces t...hat seek to enslave us and it has been given fuel by our own oval office. People can talk all day long about how great America is, but if we let unbridled tolerance and apathy guide us this great country as we know it will no longer exist. It will slide into a false theocratic enslavement and mediocrity just as all enslaved countries do.

Josette: @John, well said. You totally nailed it!!!

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