February 24, 2011

Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary Who Pushing For Sharia Law To REPLACE Our US Constitution Plans White House Protest Next Week!

This jackass was interviewed again by Gretchen Carlson this week and he is flying over here next week to protest in front of the White House rallying American muslims to change the US Constitution to SHARIA LAW!!!!!!!! You have to watch and listen to this interview! WE ARE A FREE NATION, KEEP YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS and LAWS TO YOURSELF! Buy a f***ing island and create your own OPPRESSIVE SHARIA LAW GOVERNMENT! and all of you who keep telling me that I am making this sh*t up can now stfu and get real. Unless of course you want to live in an OPPRESSIVE SOCIETY! No matter how messed up our country is, believe me we have it made compared to the people in countries that practice Sharia Law. Don't be fooled by his charm and ability to speak very well. This man is one twisted sob! Listen to how he contradicts himself so much. He's also one lying sack of sh*t. He said, "there is no country in the world today which implements sharia." Look up these countries and find out for yourselves what its like for their people to live under sharia law: Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Sudan, Somalia. I have just named a few off the top of my head and this guy is an Imam?!

I have typed a transcript of this interview for those of you who can't watch or refuse to watch!

Gretchen Carlson: He has called Americans criminals during a recent appearance on our Hannity show. [replay clip] Well now that Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary is planning a protest outside the White House. He's calling on muslims to establish Sharia Law in America. and joining me now from London is Mr. Choudary.

Imam Anjem Choudary: Yes good morning.

Gretchen: Now I understand that you are calling for this protest on March 3rd. So you're going to come to this country and what are you going to say at this protest?

Imam Choudary: Well first of all let me thank you for having me on your program. It's always a pleasure to introduce Islam and to talk about this great religion. We are going to invite the muslims in America to talk about Islam as an alternative to the freedom and democracy and the law that you have at the current time in America and indeed in the rest of the world. What we find in fact is that the revolutions in muslim countries nowadays which are rising against oppression, you know are not rising against individuals like Husnei Mubarak or Ben Ali in Tunisia. Rather we believe as muslims that the oppression is because people are going away from the divine law and they're making the law up according to their own whims and desires. So it's a call to go back to the divine revelation and to implement (g)od's law.

Gretchen: But I'm not so sure that your definition of "Islam" is how many members of the muslim faith who live here in America would describe it. Because you believe in Sharia Law and I'm not so sure that every muslim in America would agree with that. In fact, I know for sure they don't all agree with that.

Imam Choudary: Well you know I certainly believe that there is a decline in fact you know in the world today because we don't have the sharia implemented on State level and therefore there is no education system to teach people that in fact Islam has a solution for all affairs within society. So you know many people have become secularized because they live in the West and you know this is no surprise that they don't have this call for the sharia but it is part of Islam. Islam is not a religion that is just confined to the mosques.

Gretchen: But let me ask you this, do you find it ironic that you can come to this country and have that kind of protest where we honor open and free speech like but if we went to countries where they practice sharia law you would not be able to do that.

Imam Choudary: Well you know ironically there is no country in the world today which implements the sharia. In fact some of the most barbaric and tyrannical regimes are those in muslim countries and (?) propped up as you well know by the Americans and the Bush and the others because of their own interest in those countries.

Gretchen: Well, I'm thinking of Iran where they do practice Sharia Law and uh you see what happens when people try to protest there.

Gretchen: Let me ask you about another topic. Because in the last couple of weeks here in the United States there have been two churches here Christian churches who have said that they would open their doors to muslims for worship. Would you allow Christians to come into your mosques?

Imam Choudary: Yes of course, I mean the mosques you know in Islam have always been a place which have been open for anyone to come in to study about Islam, to have refuge there, there have been universities, there have been hospitals. You know the mosque is not just a place for people to come in to pray. So suddenly our doors are always open for non-muslims to discover the truth. But you know I would say that I don't think on a local level we can provide a solution for the problems that America faces. If you look in the history of the relationship between the muslims and non-muslims, if you go back for example to places like Lebanon and Syria where the sharia was implemented and the mosques and the synogogues and the churches are still in existence for over a thousand years. That means it was never our policy to destroy the churches and the synogogues. So rather they can exist. But I think we need to have a healthy discussion about what is the way forward for mankind. Where there is democracy and freedom or where there is Islam. I believe there is Islam and that is the debate I want to have in America.

Gretchen: I can tell you one thing Americans do not want to have Sharia Law. So I'm sure how successful your protest is going to be.

Imam Choudary: Well I think you'd be surprised.

Gretchen: But before you go I want to find out do you actually believe that you can get into this country will you be able to fill out the application accurately when you're asked these questions? Because the tourist visa will require you to answer these questions. Have you been involved in acts of terrorism or plan to commit crimes in the United States? How will you answer those questions?

Imam Choudary: Well look I've never been convicted of any criminal offense. I've never been convicted of any terrorist alleged offenses. I believe that the muslims in America and indeed in Britain live under a covenant of security. They cannot target the life and the wealth of the people in return their life and wealth being protected. But you know according to your own first amendment, you have the right to establish your religion. But you see unlike Christianity our religion is not confined to the mosque. It should be something which is implemented within society. Therefore I invite Barack Obama and the American administration and the people to think about Islam as an alternative way of life. As a solution for the economic and social malaisse that cowardly faces in America and indeed all other countries under Islam would be good for everyone.

Gretchen: And with all due respect Mr. Choudary, unfortunately or fortunately you will probably be allowed into this country and you'll probably be allowed to go in front of the White House on March 3rd and protest and that's what makes this country different than Sharia Law. Thank you so much for your time today Anjem Choudary. Thank you so much.

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