February 6, 2011

Food For Thought... Subject: Gays vs. Criminals; Who Is The Real Threat To Society? Now Please Discuss Among Yourselves RE-POST From 05/22/09

I have a message for every gay, lesbian, transgendered, transexual and I cannot forget to include hermaphrodite. If you have never been told this by another human being, then allow me to be the first to say God loves you so much. God has always loved you. God has never stopped loving you. You are a child of the most High God. You have always been His child. You have never stopped being His child. God understands the pain you have felt when your family, your friends, your community and your church abandoned you and left you to fend for yourself in this cruel world. God LOVES YOU as you are and God wants to embrace you right where you are and heal every wound. God almighty is your Heavenly Father, He is your Creator. God wants to have a personal relationship with you. Don't allow the evil religious zealots to keep you from knowing your Heavenly father. God is God ALL by Himself. God doesn't need a religious label or organization to make Him so. We are born alone and we die alone. Your earthly journey and spiritual growth is between you and God and nobody else! God has a purpose and plan for you. It could very well be how His earthly representatives treat you? Therefore, I ask you today to seek God's love and presence from right where you are. Talk to Him. Tell Him I need You in my life God. I want to get to know You God. Help me to feel Your presence God. This is your way of opening the door to your heart and allowing Him in. Allow yourself to be enveloped and transformed by His LIGHT and His LOVE! I promise you that God's LOVE is beyond anything you have ever felt or even imagined. There is absolutely no comparison! God will replace all your emotional pain, tears, feelings of lonliness, feelings of isolation and feelings of abandonment with an abundance of His Eternal Love, Peace, Joy and Happiness! But most importantly being in God's presence will give you FREEDOM!

Now I have a special message for every homophobic person on this planet. I ask that you please hear me out. I would like to share my perspective and observations for the past 39 years of my entire life.

I would first like to begin with my childhood experience. Growing up my parents had many gay friends. I didn't know they were gay at the time. As a child I didn't distinguish the differences because I only saw and felt was LOVE and RESPECT. They were couples who had loved each other for 5, 10 and even 20 years. They became an extension of my family as I would call them auntie or uncle. Some even had children who were my childhood friends. It wasn't until I reached Junior High that I was introduced to labels and discrimination. I heard classmates calling a male classmate a 'faggot' and then harassed him repeatedly, eventually leading to a vicious attack that landed him in the hospital. I don't even think the kid was gay, they ONLY thought he was. Let me point out that I grew up in a very nice suburban neighborhood. These were not street thugs, they were regular clean cut boys. Now let me ask you, as a child who do you think I thought was the EVIL person(s)? The boys who name called, harassed and beat up another boy? or the boy who did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to provoke this reaction? If you truly love God and know Him, then I believe your answer would be the former. Who do you think these boys learned that hateful behavior from? Their parents and their church. They were TAUGHT TO HATE. A child comes into this world still connected to God and knows nothing other than LOVE! Until their environment causes them to feel and think otherwise...

Now let me jump forward to the present day. My mom currently lives near Cedar Sinai hospital in Los Angeles which is adjacent to West Hollywood, a well known Gay community in Los Angeles. Let me first say that West Hollywood has to be the cleanest most well kept city in Los Angeles County. I have brought up my mom's location to point out that you don't find gay people knocking door to door recruiting heterosexual (straight) people to convert to gaydom. You don't find gay people at schools trying to recruit, kidnap or rape children. You don't find gay people drunk in the streets having orgies in public. It is not the Sodom and Gomorrah pastor's like to preach. Not even on the weekends. In fact, my mom couldn't feel safer. Everybody minds their own business and helps out when necessary. Now I on the other hand live smack dab in the middle of all the major studios in Los Angeles. I know I too am surrounded by gay people. I honestly couldn't distinguish who was gay and who was not. Frankly, I don't care. All I see are law abiding tax paying citizens who take care of our community. What gay people do in the privacy of their home and who they love is none of my business period. In the same way what a heterosexual (straight) person or couple does in the privacy of their home and who they love is none of my business period. They are two consenting ADULTS! As long as they are good hearted people, kind and respectful to all of humanity that to me are important qualities of ANY HUMAN BEING.

If you believe in INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS then it should very well apply to all and not a select few. Gay couples should at least be allowed to be protected under a civil union law that prevents their straight family members from scavenging assets like vultures upon a gay partner's death. Thus, leaving the surviving partner with NOTHING! Did you know that gay couples don't have hospital visitation rights, only 'family' members are allowed? They are NOT able to personally say 'good bye' to their partner on their death bed! How wrong is that!? Look, their life has nothing to do with you. Their life is between them and God. As Jesus once said, "Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and give to God what is God's." [Matthew 22:15-22] Jesus also said, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments." [Matthew 22:34-40]

Let me ask you this, have you ever heard about a gay criminal? Do you know of any gay murderers, gay rapist, gay child molestors, gay pimps, gay drug dealers, gay gangsters, gay thieves, gay terrorists? I want you to seriously think about that for a moment. Because the only answer you will discover is NO. I bet you never stopped your hatred long enough to even consider this question.

I believe your attention is entirely misguided and missplaced. It is heterosexual (straight) men of every race who commit all of the crimes I mentioned above. Perhaps a small percentage of these crimes are attributed to (straight) women. Everyday we hear news about a (straight) man committing a murder or a woman was raped by a (straight) man. The pedophiles across America and around the world are (straight) men who molest children and destroy their lives. Let me point out that most of these child molestor's reported are the (straight and married) father, uncle or pastor of their church. Why do you think prostestution exists? The answer is because of paying customers that are (straight and sometimes married) men. Who goes to sex brothels around the world? The answer (straight) men. Who do we hear that is keeping our teens as sex slaves in America? The answer is (straight) men and women. The gangsters who sell drugs, steal, kill and destroy communities across America are ALL (straight) men and women. Who do you think ALL of the children in our foster care system belong to? Yep, you guessed right UNFIT (straight) men and women. And the radical muslim terrorists, well that's another no-brainer, they are all (straight) men! I AM ONLY SHARING FACTS with you that I want you to seriously think about. Therefore, who do you think DESERVES your attention? Who do you think is a GREATER THREAT to society. If you are in your right mind and truly love God, even if you didn't know God, I have no doubt you have answered the (straight) CRIMINALS who are out to DESTROY the fabric of our being! PLEASE STOP DEFLECTING attention away from THE TRUTH! Let's get real here! It is these heterosexual (straight) human parasites and perverts that are abominations in the eyes of the LORD.

Satan comes to STEAL, KILL and DESTROY! These are the criminals. Do you have ANY idea how awful you appear to God when He see's His earthly representatives hunt down homosexual people to harass, beat-up and sometimes KILL (MURDER) innocent souls who have committed NO CRIMES? You have focused your attention on these people, YET there are MILLIONS of God's children Ophaned, MILLIONS of God's children sexually abused by pedophiles, MILLIONS of God's children being kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery and slave labor, MILLIONS of God's children DYING from starvation and disease, MILLIONS of God's children being KILLED on the streets by gangsters! As long as everything I mentioned CONTINUES to EXIST, you have no right to evoke your self-righteous indignation upon gay people who make up a tiny percentage of the human population. You have CONVENIENTLY FORGOTTEN that they have to answer to God, BUT SO DO YOU! We ALL reap what we sow.

One last thing, Sodom and Gomorrah is every (straight) sexual and massage parlor across America and have you seen the commercials for 'Girls Gone Wild'??? These ordinary looking college students are all (straight) young men and women who are filmed having orgies at all spring break locations. How about the (straight) married couples who like to attend 'swing' parties? This term means they can have sex with whomever they want for the night. Anything goes! Divorce is prevalent among (straight) couples. How about those graphic (straight) pimping gangster rap videos filled with sexuality and violence? This is what is INFLUENCING YOUR CHILDREN!

I'm just pointing out that it is time for the religious community to reflect upon themselves. You claim to be representatives of God. Well it's time you start acting like it. Your hateful actions and words scare people away from knowing God. In fact, I believe you're the reason why there are so many atheists! You DON'T GET TO CHOOSE who can be in God's presence. You will pay dearly for being selective. Aren't you supposed to be a reflection of God? I don't care if you know the bible cover to cover and have it memorized, that proves nothing so does Satan. It's what's in your HEART that counts! A beacon of LIGHT serves NO PURPOSE if it's shrouded in darkness!

The Pope and the church PROTECTING CHILD MOLESTING PRIESTS at the expense of God's innocent defenseless children is the HIGHTEST and GROSSEST kind of IMMORALITY that has ever been displayed. This is who the RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY should be CONDEMNING! Your complacency speaks volumes... evil protecting evil.

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