February 10, 2011

Far-Leftist Code Pink Rally Jan 2011, Palm Springs, CA - Lynch Justice Clarence Thomas

Far-Leftist Code Pink Rally: They have the NERVE to call The TEA Party racist and violent when there is NO EVIDENCE of their false claims. They NEED to look in the mirror!!! They all publicly state that they want Justice Clarence Thomas (who happens to be black) to be put BACK IN THE FIELDS and said WE SHOULD STRING HIM UP!!! They want Justice Samuel Alito SHOULD GO BACK TO SICILY and he was BORN IN AMERICA!

DISGUSTING VILE UNSTABLE HUMAN BEINGS!!! It is they who are CLEARLY RACIST with VIOLENT TENDENCIES!!! Fine examples of Obama supporters! My grandmother used to always say, "show me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are."

I don't have to make this sh*t up like they do. They have NO SHAME in speaking what's in their hearts, it's caught on video. This behavior is UNACCEPTABLE no matter who is committing it and needs to be EXPOSED to the general public.

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