January 6, 2011

Oil Washes Ashore Again At Grand Isle, Louisiana

WDSU6 news
written by Staff
Wednesday January 5, 2010

GRAND ISLE, La. -- Oil is beginning to wash ashore at Grand Isle.

The mayor's office said tar balls are coming ashore on Elmer's Island and sand dollar-sized patches of oil are washing up in Grand Isle.

The environmental group Louisiana Bucket Brigade said it was the worst instance of oil contamination since the BP oil spill.

Officials said crews are cleaning the beaches, removing the oil with shovels and scrubbers.

People in Terrebonne and Jefferson parishes will get the chance to meet with the man in charge of doling out BP's $20 billion compensation fund soon.

Kennth Feinberg will hold public meetings in Houma, Lafitte and Grand Isle next week to explain new guidelines and changes that will affect current and future claims.

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