January 18, 2011

O-M-G!!! This Is So Unbelievably HORRIBLE! :*( 1.5 MILLION Pigs And Cows Have Been BURIED ALIVE After Being Infected With Foot And Mouth Disease!

The Korea Times
written by Kim Rahn
Sunday January 16, 2011

For more than two weeks in late December, Lee Won-bak, president of the Korea Association for Animal Protection (KAAP), suffered from auditory hallucinations of ear-splitting squealing from the pigs that were being buried alive.

He still shudders recalling the horrible scenes he witnessed — where countless pigs were dumped alive into vinyl-covered pits at remote hills or fields, after falling victim to the foot-and-mouth disease (FMD).

“The deafening squealing sound, mother pigs struggling to protect their piglets in the holes — it’s so horrible, nightmarish.” Lee said.

Lee said he witnessed the burials of pigs alive five times since the first breakout of the deadly disease in Nov. 29.

Most animal rights groups claim that more than 90 percent of the pigs have been buried alive.

Park So-youn, chief of an animal’s rights group Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth, also recalled how the burial of pigs was like hell.

“I’ve seen many culling scenes since 2006 when bird flu or FMD broke out. Every time the slaughter was terrible. But this time, the scene was just unbelievable. It was nothing but a hell, which we can’t see even in the movies,” Park said.

Civil servants from the central and local governments have slaughtered about 1.5 million pigs and cows so far, according to the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The authorities are burying the animals, mostly pigs, alive — violating domestic and international laws on animal slaughter.

“For cows, they give an animal euthanasia injected solution, but pigs, not at all. Almost all pigs are buried alive. I confirmed the fact with officials and workers engaged in the quarantine operations,” Park said.

Breach of regulations

According to the domestic law on animal epidemics and the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) Guideline on the Killing of Animals for Disease Control Purposes, animals must be killed before burial. Korea is a member of OIE.

However, the regulation is useless, as the disease spreads so quickly and outpaces the authorities’ culling capacity.

“They claim they are short of the euthanasia solution, saying pigs need larger doses of the drug than cows because of their thick subcutaneous fat. They also say they don’t have time to give injections to each pig as they have to slaughter hundreds of pigs a day,” Park said.

More than 1.3 million pigs have been culled.

But members of animal rights groups refute the government’s arguments.

“The excavator pushes two to three pigs into a pit at a time. As the pigs usually try to escape, the slowly-moving excavator needs to repeat the pushing three or four times. Injecting the drug may take much shorter time than the pushing operation.”

The ministry, in charge of the animal disease control, said such live burial of pigs takes place “only in some regions.”

“According to the law, we instruct quarantine workers to kill animals in proper ways, including using poisonous gas and drugs, before burying them. Workers in some regions say the euthanasia solution is not effective on pigs or they are short of the drug. We’ll increase the supply of the injected drug in such regions,” a ministry official said, declining to be named.

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