January 26, 2011

Donald Trump Scolds President Obama For SOTU Praise Of China!!!!

Medite news
written by Matt Schneider
Wednesday January 26, 2011

Joining the chorus of people not pleased with President Obama’s State of the Union address is Donald Trump who has a very specific complaint: “I thought the low point was when [Obama] talked about how great China was.” Trump might simply be angry with how China is manipulating their currency and making it difficult for him to do business overseas, or might Trump actually be ramping up criticism of Obama in case he actually does decide to run for President?

Trump declared “I understand the Chinese, and I understand they are not a friend of this country.” He also was not pleased that Obama’s speech largely ignored the likely impending crisis of state bankruptcies and instead was “mostly talk.” In addition to his displeasure over Obama praising China, he did not approve of the recent trade treaty with South Korea, which Trump says is horrible for us. The grim reality, in Trump’s view, is that “we have become a whipping post for many of the smart countries around the world.”

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