January 17, 2011

Beyond the Small Family ~ Allow Your Inner Voice To Emerge!

Beyond the Small Family
"No one is my mother..."
[source: Osho International]

You are born with a tremendous possibility of intelligence. You are born with a light within you. Listen to the still, small voice within, and that will guide you. Nobody else can guide you, nobody else can become a model for your life, because you are unique. Nobody has there ever been who was exactly like you, and nobody is ever going to be there again who will be exactly like you. This is your glory, your grandeur--that you are utterly irreplaceable, that you are just yourself and nobody else.

Jesus was a small child and his father and mother had come to the great temple for the annual festival. Jesus was lost somewhere in the crowd, and only by the evening could his parents find him. He was sitting with some scholars, just a child, and he was discussing things with them.

His father said, "Jesus, what are you doing here? We have been worried about you."

Jesus said, "Don't be worried. I was looking after my father's business."

The father said, "I am your father--and what type of business are you looking after here? I am a carpenter."

Jesus said, "My father is in heaven. You are not my father."

Just as a child has to leave the body of the mother, otherwise he will be dead--he has to come out of the womb--the same happens mentally, also. One day he has to come out of the father and mother's womb. Not only physically but mentally; not only mentally but spiritually.

And when the spiritual child is born, has broken with his past completely, for the first time he becomes a self, an independent reality, standing on his own feet.

Before this he was just a part of the mother, or the father, or the family--but he was never himself.

Whatever you are doing, whatever you are thinking, whatever you are deciding, look: is it coming from you or is somebody else speaking? And you will be surprised to find out the real voice; perhaps it is your mother--you will hear her speak again. Perhaps it is your father; it is not at all difficult to detect. It remains there, recorded in you exactly as it was given to you for the first time--the advice, the order, the discipline, the commandment.

You may find many people, the priest, the teachers, the friends, the neighbors, the relatives. There is no need to fight. Just knowing that it is not your voice but somebody else's--whosoever that somebody else is--you know that you are not going to follow it. Whatsoever the consequences, now you are deciding to move on your own, you are deciding to be mature. Enough you have remained a child. Enough you have remained dependent. Enough you have listened to all these voices and followed them. And where have they brought you? In a mess.

So once you figure out whose voice it is, say goodbye to it... because the person who gave that voice to you was not your enemy. His intention was not bad, but it is not a question of his intention. The question is that he imposed something on you that is not coming from your own inner source; and anything that comes from outside makes you a psychological slave.

It is only your own voice that will lead you into a blossoming, into freedom.

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