January 6, 2011

67 Year Old Veteran Get's Verbally And Then Physically Assaulted By A Punk On A Bus! He Defends Himself And Is The One Who Get's Blamed And Kicked Off The Bus!

I can't believe the people video taping and everyone else on the bus BLAMED the 67 year white man for the assault!?! Can people NOT SEE AND HEAR that it was the black punk who started the whole thing. A punk is a punk and it doesn't matter what color you are! The reason why I pointed out their skin color is because this young man already had it in his "mind" that he was talking to a "white" man and that prevented him from having a genuine conversation with the veteran. He already had hatred and disgust in his heart. Thank goodness the 67 year old was a VETERAN and able to defend himself!

As I always say the golden rule is "Treat others the way you want to be treated." This punk got a taste of his own medicine!!! and the bully suddenly became a victim.

Oh and to make matters worse, I can't believe the girls video taping this incident stole the veteran's bag and started going through it. THIEVES!!! It was probably everything he owned too!

I just came across this other video that explains everything! Wow! That punk had some major race issues! This incident erupted over a conversation about the veteran's shoe's.

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