December 16, 2010

Say No to the Omnibus! A Letter To Our Senators By Campaign 4 Liberty's President John Tate About The $1 Trillion spending!

Campaign for Liberty
written by John Tate, President of C4L
Wednesday December 15, 2010

Dear Senator,

On behalf of nearly 600,000 Campaign for Liberty grassroots activists across the country, I urge you to stand up for the American people by opposing Washington’s unsustainable spending spree as laid out in the "Omnibus" spending bill on every vote — including cloture.

As President Obama was fond of reminding everyone during the health care debate, elections have consequences.

In November, the American people sent a clear message that they have had enough of deficits, debt, and big government overreaches.

Nevertheless, the 1,924 page Omnibus bill contains over $1 trillion in appropriations for such items as funding the implementation of ObamaCare, Dodd-Frank, and continued nation-building. In addition, it includes the completely unrelated and unacceptable so-called "Food Safety" bill.

Designing appropriations bills in secret and attempting to force a vote the week before Christmas is unacceptable and is symbolic of everything wrong with Washington, D.C.

The American people and (more obviously) the senators themselves should know exactly how the Senate is voting to spend their money.

Therefore, I urge you to support reading the bill aloud, in its entirety, before it comes to a vote.

Additionally, Campaign for Liberty is opposed to the long-term continuing resolution, H.R. 3082, the "Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011" passed in the House last week.

Though shorter in length, the difference of $16 billion between the two bills is relatively insignificant. Freezing spending at 2010 levels is fiscally irresponsible considering the government is facing nearly a $1 trillion deficit.

I sincerely hope that, in our contact with your constituents, C4L can inform them of your support for fiscal responsibility and opposition to the Omnibus or any long-term spending bill on every vote — including cloture.

I respectfully urge you to instead push for a short-term CR that will allow the newly elected 112th Congress to make the tough fiscal decisions this Congress was not willing to tackle.

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