December 10, 2010

A Machine That Converts Plastic Back Into Oil... BRILLIANT IDEA And INVENTION!!! :)

Here is another person using their NOGGIN!!! Right on Akinori!!! You totally ROCK! I LOVE THIS IDEA! We need more people like this in the world who invent a "REASONABLE" alternative efficient means of recycling what exist INSTEAD of wanting to eliminate it altogether. The radical environmentalist are determined to eliminate plastics altogether. But they don't realize that plastic is an ingredient in almost every product that we use. Our oceans are polluted with plastics because cruiseliners, tankers, large fishing vessels and cargo ships have been dumping their garbage into the ocean and we're talking tons of garbage over the years. They don't have the decency to process their garbage when they return to port. The governments of the world know this and so does the United Nations. This is precisely why climate change and global warming is a huge joke to me. Because it is being promoted under false pretenses and serves as a distraction from the genuine toxic pollution GARBAGE and CHEMICALS in waterways and ocean, toxic GMO's and toxic vaccines their pushing on us!

You would "think" that the elitist, you know the "power's that be" who created the "global warming" campaign would have been insisting that the United Nations and the governments of the world regulate the cruiseliners, tankers, large fishing vessels and cargo ships and passed laws that would make it a FELONY to dump tons of garbage in the ocean!!! But NOT ONE PERSON in position of power or in charge of the global warming campaign has made this attempt! You would "think" if these people (the ones meeting in Copenhagen and Cancun) cared soooo much about our planet, this would be a priority, right?! NO. Instead, they add to the problem by flying in from all over the world on their private jets, hold a two week long conference (party) and CONSUME a heck of lot of goodies and leave TONS OF GARBAGE behind!!!

Think about it for a moment... all of the money the "climate change" "global warming" campaign has accumulated over the past decade and not one cent has gone to the ocean garbage cleanup or garbage cleanup in most countries lands and shores. The ocean pollution problem would have already been solved if environmentalist groups would have used that money they've received to pay crews to start cleaning up the planet and teaching countries how to improve their waste management or in some cases teach them to care enough to manage their waste. But nooooo, these climate change goons and elitist are more like a "club" or "click" and are merely capitalising on their "fashionable" campaign.

I'm sorry I'm not in the mood to be nice in describing my feelings about this farce. I'm tired of watching the world be conned, duped, hoodwinked by the very people PROFITING the most by the "Global Warming" and "Climate Change" MARKETING CAMPAIGN! When all the while, the people in "positions of power" are happy to get their sinister plans met by DESTROYING ALL THINGS NATURAL with their Genetically Modified Seeds and Genetically Engineered Fish and their CLONED animals for the contrived reason of saving the planet.

I agree with how my friend Joie replied to this INSANITY, "I figure, if there's a zombie apocalypse, it'll be from the GMO foods we're eating... (@_@)"


Inspiring Things From Around The World
November 8, 2010

"Let us not worry about the future. Let us only do the right thing today. At this moment, here and now. Let the future take care of itself " ~ by Sri Chinmoy

In an efficient and safe effort to save us from the ill-effects of plastic waste, Akinori Ito from Japan has developed a machine which converts plastic back into oil. The machine produced in various sizes, for both industrial and home uses, can easily transform a kilogram of plastic waste into a liter of oil, using about 1 kilowatt of electricity but without emitting CO2 in the process. The machine uses a temperature controlling electric heater instead of flames, processing anything from polyethylene or polystyrene to polypropylene (numbers 2-4). Comment: 1 kg of plastic produces one liter of oil, which costs $1.50. This process uses only about 1 kilowatt of electricity, which costs less than 20 cents!


I've taken the following from the YouTube description:

The Japanese company Blest has developed one of the smallest and safest oil-to-plastic conversion machines out on the market today. It's founder and CEO, Akinori Ito is passionate about using this machine to change the way people around the world think about their plastic trash. From solving our landfill and garbage disposal issues to reducing our oil dependancy on the Middle East, his machine may one day be in every household across Japan.

While holding up a bag of trash, he states, "It's a waste to throw away, isn't it? This is a treasure."

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