December 19, 2010

BREAKING NEWS!!! In Sunday-Evening SURPRISE, Senate Unanimously Passes S 510 Food Safety Bill!

O-M-G!!!!!!!! Shut the **** up! I can't believe they brought this bill back from the dead. These sneaky SOB's voted on the S. 510 FOOD BILL late this Sunday evening without letting the PUBLIC KNOW ABOUT THIS MANEUVER! The Food bill was passed UNANIMOUSLY in the Senate... that would include the GOP!!!! I feel so BETRAYED! I will not forget this. They are ALL PUT ON NOTICE! They didn't have the decency to let THE PUBLIC KNOW they planned on reviving this bill and planned on voting for it tonight. So we couldn't call any of them in advance.

I'm left STUMPED. I'm so numb right now. I'm angry by this news but left numb. :*(

Well we still have time to call our congressional representative. Congress has scheduled to vote for the S 510 Food bill this Tuesday. IT'S NOT OVER YET! Nancy Pelosi obviously snuck the Food bill into the Omnibus bill last week because she didn't have enough votes! This bill can still DIE in Congress! I'm not giving up the fight.

PLEASE GET INVOLVED and CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN before Tuesday's vote: U.S. CAPITOL SWITCHBOARD (202) 224-3121 or search for YOUR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE's DIRECT CONTACT by clicking HERE. PLEASE HELP TO SPREAD THE WORD! Don't let these DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS get away with this sleight of hand deception!


The Hill
written by Alexander Bolton
Sunday December 19, 2010 at 07:55pm ET

The Senate unexpectedly approved food safety legislation by unanimous consent Sunday evening, rescuing a bill that floated in limbo for weeks because of a clerical error.

The Senate passed the Food Safety and Modernization Act on Nov. 30 by a vote of 73-25. But the bill was later invalidated by a technical objection because it was a revenue-raising measure that did not originate in the House — Senate staff had failed to substitute the food safety language into a House-originated bill.

A coalition of groups supporting the bill sent a letter Sunday to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) calling for action on food safety.

“Our organizations are writing to support attaching S. 510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, to the Senate's proposed short-term continuing resolution,” the groups wrote. “Strong food-safety legislation will reduce the risk of contamination and provide FDA with the resources and authorities the agency needs to help make prevention the focus of our food safety strategies.”

The American Public Health Association, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union and other groups signed the letter.

Democrats first attempted to attach the food safety bill to the two-and-a-half-month spending measure but Republicans balked because they wanted to keep that measure clean, according to Senate aides.

Republicans, however, later agreed to pass it by unanimous consent.

Reid announced he would send the legislation — this time properly attached to a House-originated measure — back to the lower chamber for final approval.

“Our food safety system has not been updated in almost a century. Families in Nevada and across America should never have to worry about whether the food they put on their table is safe," Reid said in a statement. "This is a common-sense issue with broad bipartisan support.

"Tonight we unanimously passed a measure to improve on our current food safety system by giving the FDA the resources it needs to keep up with advances in food production and marketing, without unduly burdening farmers and food producers,” he said.

The legislation is a high priority for Reid and Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee Chairman Tom Harkin (D-Iowa).

Reid’s staff earlier in the day had told a coalition of groups supporting the legislation that it had a chance of passing but the prospects appeared to dim as Sunday wore on. The swift approval by unanimous consent caught some aides and lobbyists working on it by surprise.

Sen. Tom Coburn, the outspoken conservative Republican from Oklahoma, had been blocking the legislation. He lifted his objection at the final moment.


Anonymous said...

Unanimous consent means that there were no objections from anyone (Senators) present. It is a parliamentary procedure. I still have not been able to research, who, if anyone, was there on Sunday Night of Christmas Week to vote.

Princess Mononoke said...

Thanks for this info. I too am eager to get the names of those who voted for this bill last night.