November 17, 2010

George Soros Advises Pres Obama To Use FORCEFUL Measures To OVERRIDE The Will Of The People!!!

I posted this news on my facebook profile and would like to share a brief exchange I had with a liberal friend whom I adore.

Sandy: *chuckle* And I thought Supreme Court justices Thomas and Scalia sitting on on Cheney-esque "secret meetings" with the Koch brothers was bad and scary - no wait, it IS WAY worse than this, because NOTHING can happen to these two (except death). In a way, Soros is just trying to get BHO to act like Bush/Cheney, to force "whoever's" will down our throats. You keep pushing the anti-Soros stuff, and I'll keep pushing Koch. It's only fair, right? ♥ ♥ ♥

Josette (me): @Sandy, I'm not pushing. I'm informing. This man's tentacles stretch ALL OVER THE WORLD. and the Koch's? Do the Koch's want to transform America into a socialist marxist state?! I think NOT Sandy. But Soro's on the other hand, is salivating at the mouth as we get closer to his goal. And thanks for making my point. When is it ever okay for anybody to SHOVE ANYTHING down our throats?! Hmm? It was wrong when the far-right did it and it is WRONG now that the far-left is doing it to the American public! Everybody needs to stop being so accepting of these violations being committed upon us!

Red White Blue News
written by Ed Lasky for American Thinker
Wednesday November 17, 2010

George Soros funds the Center for American Progress, which has been characterized as Barack Obama’s Ideas Factory. John Podesta, its head, led the transition team when Barack Obama became President. The Center has also become a hiring hall for the Obama team, filling its positions with former employees (among these was controversial Van Jones — who now is back at the Center).

Apparently, George Soros and his Center are upset that the American people placed a roadblock in their plans when we rose up and painted the nation red. The Center now is providing a blueprint of ways Barack Obama can do an end run around the people’s will by resorting to methods that will strike many of us as being improper-to say the least. Relying on executive orders, interpretation of regulations, rule -making and the like they are collectively a recipe for even more power being assumed by President Obama.

From Tuesday’s Politico Playbook:

[The] Center for American Progress today is releasing a report, “Power of the President,” proposing 30 executive actions the president can take to advance progressive change in the areas of energy, the economy, health care, education, foreign policy, and national security. “The following authorities can be used to ensure progress on key issues facing the country today: Executive orders, Rulemaking, Agency management, Convening and creating public-private partnerships , Commanding the armed forces, Diplomacy.

The New York Times fleshes out these proposals with some suggestions about policy changes across the board. The ideology of George Soros shines through the Center’s report as it justifies this forceful approach to circumvent Congress when it states that:

[The] legislative battles that Mr. Obama waged during his first two years – notably on health care and financial regulatory reform – have created a weariness among the general public with the process of making laws. And it hints it has not helped Mr. Obama politically in the process.

In other words, when Congress passed a variety of laws Americans became dismayed by the horse-trading and bribes that were resorted to by Democrats to impose these policies on us. Instead of compromise and listening to the American people, Soros counsels that more forceful measures should be used to override the will of the American people.

And this is the man the Democratic Party has as their sugar daddy and who various Democratic leaders over the years have defended and praised (for example, as shown by this letter from 11 Democratic lawmakers).

He is certainly a dictatorial daddy.

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