November 30, 2010

Birthday Card From Mom... ♥

Hi everybody! Today is my birthday......

I just have to share the birthday card I received from my mom at midnight. It brought tears to my eyes. I love my mom so much! I chose to spend my birthday with my mom at Disneyland. Because the time I spend with her is more valuable than anything material she would have bought me. I will be taking this memory and experience with me to the afterlife. Whereas anything material I could not. What do you treasure most? and why?

For a Very Special Daughter

If you could see
all the flowers
in the world...

if you could hear
all the laughter
in the universe...

if you could make
all the dreams
that ever
were wished
come true...

...then you would know
a little part of the joy
of having and loving
a daughter like you.

Happy Birthday
with Love
your Mom

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