October 5, 2009

MUST WATCH VIDEO!!! More Mafia Antics Now Being EXPOSED in Argentina!!!

Can you see what happens when the government is in bed with LABOR UNIONS and gangsters dressed up to look like businessman!!! This is so unbelievably wrong, not just on ethics but we're talking about people's medical prescriptions. The Argentinian population is being VICTIMIZED by these Medicine gangsters! and the new President has close ties with them!!!


Al Jazeera
Monday October 5, 2009

The majority of Argentina's workforce gets healthcare through schemes run by their respective trade unions.

A group of pharmaceutical businessmen, dubbed the 'medicine mafia' have been accused of creating fake medicine and then passing it off to union-run hospitals.

Tens of thousands of patients suffering from cancer, hemophilia and Aids, among other severe illnesses, may have received the fake medicines.

Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman reports from Buenos Aires on a corruption scandal that has shocked the country.

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