October 27, 2009

Hero ~ by Mariah Carey

This song is so very appropriate after posting my lastest horrific news. I am still deeply disturbed by that news. But mostly I am deeply disturbed at what is happening to the youth in America!!! A month ago a young black male teenager who was an honor student was publicly beaten to death in Chicago, IL by several young men while many young people watched, laughed, applauded and even video taped. Two weeks ago a young white male teenager in Deerfield, FL had gasoline poured on him and lit on fire by several young men because he reported one of them to the authorities for stealing his father's bike. He had 75% of his body burned. And this past Saturday a young hispanic teenage girl gets gang raped for over 2 hours in Oakland, CA while many young people watched, laughed and applauded. The onlookers even recruited others to come watch. Our youth in America is being MURDERED physically, emotionally and spiritually. Their souls are being ripped out right before our very eyes!

This needs to stop and it's up to all of us to come together as a community, the adults and stop this horrific behavior. This should NOT be tolerated by any means! This is UNACCEPTABLE! You have to care, this could easily have been you, your child, your brother or sister, your niece or nephew, your cousin, your friend or even your neighbor. If we, as adults don't do anything, the children in America grow up thinking and believing that it is okay to beat up, rape and murder. We NEED to show them that we indeed care and that it's NOT OKAY! We MUST LEAD by example. It's up to us to turn this tide of evil around. If we don't do anything NOW, God help us ALL when they grow up and turn against society for not giving a damn!

All it takes is one evil person to negatively influence the bunch. Just think of this one evil person as a virus that has the ability to spread and infect others with their way of thinking rapidly. Darkeness cannot exist where there is LIGHT. We ARE that LIGHT!

Hero ~ by Mariah Carey

There's a hero,
If you look inside your heart,
You don't have to be afraid of what you are,
There's an answer,
If you reach into your soul,
And the sorrow that you know will melt away.

And then a hero comes along,
With the strenght to carry on,
And you cast your fears aside and you know you can survive,
So when you feel like hope is gone,
Look inside you and be strong,
And you'll finally see the truth that a hero lies in you.

It's a long road,
When you face the world alone,
No one reaches out a hand for you to hold,
You can find love,
If you search within yourself,
And the emptiness you felt will disappear.


Lord knows,
Dreams are hard to follow,
But don't let anyone tear them away,
Hold on,
There will be tomorrow,
In time you'll find the way.


That a hero lies in..... you
Ooohh that a hero lies in..... you

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