September 23, 2009

There Is An Investigation Into The Alleged ILLEGAL shipment Of Waste To Brazil! Wow TRASH Is Being SHIPPED To Other Countries?!

Why are they investigating where it came from? The containers had to be checked in by somebody on the other side right? Trace the paperwork for heaven's sake! Question the crew and captain of the ship that carried the containers. I cannot believe they are actually EXAMINING every piece of trash packed into the containers. Who knows they may actually find a body or bodies in there too...


The Huddersfield Examiner
Household rubbish sent to Brazil
written by staff
Wednesday September 23, 2009

Household rubbish including old underwear, nappies and meat were found in containers shipped to Brazil for recycling, the Environment Agency has revealed.

The agency is in the process of opening and examining more than 90 containers of waste which were sent back to the UK after Brazilian authorities said in July that they were full of waste including medical rubbish.

The examination of the shipping containers at Felixstowe port forms part of an investigation into the alleged illegal shipment of waste to Brazil.

In July three men were arrested in the Swindon area by Wiltshire Police in connection with the inquiry. When they left the UK, the containers were described as being filled with mixed plastics, one of a number of products which it is legal to send abroad for recycling.

But it is illegal to export waste for disposal, and the containers were shipped back to Britain after Brazilian authorities made their discovery. Environmental crime investigators from the Environment Agency are now sorting through bales of rubbish, where finds include toys, socks, pants, cat food pouches, plastic bags, wellington boots, rotten cardboard and even some ham.

The team have already opened 14 of the 81 containers returned to the UK last month, while a remaining 10 containers are on their way back having been opened and repacked in Brazil. The team are sorting through the bales, tagging, bagging up and photographing their finds as part of the investigation.

It will take at least another six to eight weeks for the team to examine a number of bales from each of the containers, Andrew Higham, head of the Environment Agency's National Environment Crime Unit, said.

The containers had to be fumigated for a week before they could be opened and the "substantial" operation of sorting through the contents had been under way for several weeks. He said the examination of the containers would help gather evidence for any potential prosecution and enable the agency to trace the rubbish back to where it came from.

"Staff have been actively engaged removing bales and looking for evidence. It's early stages into that process, but we're finding items clearly not fit to be recycled, such as household waste, nappies, contaminated products, food," he said.

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