September 10, 2009

President Obama and the Democratic Congressional Majority Have Been Putting The Cart Before The Horse With Health Care Reform!

Have you noticed that President Obama, the democratic congressional majority, the media and his supporters have been selling health care reform basically WASTING EVERYBODY'S TIME on this debate WITH NO SOLID BILL to back up their REPEATED CLAIMS!!!

Don't you think it would be WISE to have a DETAILED BUSINESS PLAN LAID OUT before you went to the PUBLIC (taxpayers) for approval. ANY bank would have shown you the door in a heartbeat NO QUESTIONS ASKED! The democratic party has approached the taxpayers (the bank/lenders) UNPREPARED and CONFUSED about the details of their proposal.

Why the heck do you believe for one second that we, the taxpayers should ALLOW YOU to pass this GARGANTUAN HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL with NO DETAILED BUSINESS PLAN presented to us! Why? We're no fools Mr. President. Oh and Mr. President, it would behoove you to stop campaigning for a health care reform bill you have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL over and you KNOW NOTHING ABOUT! Let's just say for the sake of argument that congress drafts an entirely NEW HEALTH CARE BILL to replace the 5 bills already in existence, how will you know Mr. President that congress has INCLUDED all of the reforms you have requested? Seriously, how will you know if you NEVER TAKE THE TIME to read the bills you sign!!! This is what you should have been doing all along.

One last point I would like to make Mr. President. If you and the Democratically controlled Congress ASTUTELY READ ANY of the 5 health care reform bills floating around Washington, you would not have AUDACIOUSLY CLAIMED information about the health care bill being reported are both FALSE and LIES. Why is it that it takes responsible concerned citizens to actually READ these bills and then report our shock and dismay to the rest of the unsuspecting public!

I posted just a few of the items in the H.R. 3200 Health Care Reform bill last week that concerned me the MOST! I took that information directly from the Health Care Reform bill that CONGRESS DRAFTED and I did not alter it in ANY WAY. Neither you, nor my senators and congresspersons nor the mainstream media has addressed these items neither responded once!!! Yet I continue to see you Mr. President and the Democratically Controlled Congress DISTRACT the general public from the CONTENTS of the 5 health care reform bills in Washington today. Why is that? Are you praying no one reads them!?

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