August 14, 2009

The Truth: This Was So Beautifully Written by a SodaHead Pal Named Phyllis! I Truly Enjoyed Reading It And I Wanted To Share This With All Of You...

Unfortunately, we live in the age of "entitlements". We can understand how and when this all started, but we have done nothing to curtail the federal government from further intervening into our personal lives since it DID start. And, it's true, every freedom we have given up to Federal control in order to "benefit the greater good" with Federal funds (our tax dollars), has been yet another nail in the coffin of the ultimate death of our Republic and our personal freedoms.

Let's all admit it...ALL politicians are corrupt.

They haven't done a damned thing in decades in the interest of the American people. Once ANY of them get entrenched in politics, they are more concerned with POWER than they are with the good of America. Lobbyists have much more influence on government than the people. And that is just wrong! It's not what our Constitution is about...the Constitution that made this the greatest country on earth.

We have systematically given up our rights and our values for decades, our work ethics have eroded, we have come to expect that the "government" owes us and we have allowed our religious and moral beliefs to be deemed invalid in the interest of the "greater good" and popular opinion.

What we have failed to recognize is that before the Federal Government FORCED itself into our daily lives, we were GOOD people and good neighbors, always lending a hand. We were hard workers, expecting nothing but the fruits of our own labors and expecting nothing more and nothing less from our fellow citizens.

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