August 27, 2009

2009 Stimulus Check! Mr. President I Honestly Believe That 95% of Americans Take Offense To This Bone You Have Thrown To Them!

95% of Americans 10% of which are unemployed have been watching you spend (give away)$100s of BILLIONS of dollars on so many inconsequential things. It's making many of us sick to our stomachs. Mr. President I Honestly Believe That 95% of Americans Take Offense To This Bone You Have Thrown To Them! The average American citizen knows when somebody is trying to pull a fast one on them. Giving us a $20 to $25 weekly increase is NOT much of an improvement to anybody's lifestyle. Come on, you should know that. Or perhaps you were hoping your constant grandstanding would divert their attention away from reality. Grandstanding means behaving in a way that makes people pay attention to you instead of thinking about more important matters. Your SLIGHT OF HAND POLITICS is not going to work for you anymore. The masses are starting to wake up and are seeing and hearing the TRUTH within the B.S.!

In fact, $7 BILLION in Chrysler bailout money has been lost with President Obama's approval through the Chrysler bankruptcy. The U.S. regulator of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has already made a statement recently that they will not be able to pay back $85 BILLION of bailout money. Plus, $159 BILLION of TARP money cannot even be accounted for and has been lost.


2009 Stimulus Check
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May 30, 2009

In the recent stimulus package passed by President Obama earlier this year, otherwise known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Obama provided many forms of stimulus and stimulus checks to provide the economy. The only mentions of a 2009 stimulus check for the American public were in two places in the recently passed Stimulus bill.

The first is a 2009 stimulus check for those on social security incomes, military pensions and railroad pensions. This is a $250 2009 stimulus check that is a one time payment similar to the 2008 stimulus check that President Bush issued last year. To qualify for the 2009 stimulus check you had to have already been on social security by the end of 2008 to receive your 2009 stimulus check in May 2009. If you started your social security income January 1, 2009 or later you do not qualify for this years stimulus check. However if there is a 2010 stimulus check similar to how the 2009 stimulus check worked you would qualify next year for that stimulus check.

The second part of the 2009 stimulus check is a tax rebate that amounts to $400 if you are single or $800 if you are married over the course of 2009. Starting in April 2009 the government is lowering the taxes withheld from your paychecks to the amount of about about $20/week so that over the course of the year it would amount to $400 (or $800). This is the only 2009 stimulus check that is available to those that are working. The 2009 stimulus check is essentially a $400 check paid over the course of the year.

This 2009 stimulus check that is being paid out weekly via a tax rebate will be in effect for 2010 as well. The amount of the money making up the 2010 stimulus check on a weekly basis is less then this years $20/week because it is spread out over the course of the entire year instead of 8 months.

There is not a singular 2009 stimulus check for those on employment, it is split up into several incentives. President Obama provided the following ways to help those on unemployment through the 2009 stimulus package.

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