July 30, 2009

Vice Pesident Biden NOT President Obama Doles Out $1 BILLION Grant to Cops! I Have More Respect For Biden Like Neve Before! At Least He Showed Class!

What I find appalling is this... Persident Obama having the chutzpah to go on a WORLD TOUR publicly APOLOGIZING to every country for the past 8 years and doesn't have the decency to PUBLICLY apologize to the police officer's for calling them "STUPID" for doing their job???

Another thing I have a problem with is President Obama said, "No comment. It's none of our business" when it came to responding to the Iranian presidential election slaughter of un-armed civilian protestors. However, Obama was EAGER to comment on the Gates incident. Thereby, allowing his administration to choose the Gates question that he was already prepared to respond to!!! President Obama ALWAYS has his questions prepared for him in advance!!!

He deliberately wanted to keep racism in the forefront. However, what he does not realize is that he keeps exposing his very own racism and that of his friends. How dare you patronize the American people with your "teachable moment" remark. It may behoove you to look at your very own reflection not just to admire yourself but to look deeply into your own heart.

I am NOT a Repulican and I am NOT white. However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the signs of racism. When a person carries HATRED in their HEART towards another race, such as President Obama has revealed time after time with his inuendo, you can conclude that he is a racist. There is NO such thing as a part time racist or a slip of the tongue.

Racism is WRONG no matter what race is promoting it or expressing it against another race.


ABC News
Biden Doles Out Cash Grant to Cops
written by Jake Tapper, Whitehouse correspondent
July 28, 2009

It’s not quite “Beer Diplomacy,” but Biden delivers money to cops.

While President Obama seeks peace and reconciliation—through “beer diplomacy”—with the Cambridge, Mass. police department in the wake of the Gates/Crowley affair, Vice President Biden today sought to ENGENDER GOOD WILL with law enforcement by doling out nearly $1 billion to pay for more cops.

“One of the places that has been hardest hit – most essential for the wellbeing of our citizens and their safety – has been law enforcement. We can’t achieve though the goal of a stronger community without stronger police forces,” Biden said before an audience that included law enforcement officers in Philadelphia.

As part of the $787 stimulus package pushed through Congress earlier this year, the federally run Community Oriented Policing Services program (COPS) will be able to help state and local law enforcement by giving them enough money to pay for nearly 4700 police officers over the next three years. The $1 billion it will cost is only a fraction of the $8.3 billion that was requested by those agencies, but Biden says the grants will go a long way in making communities safe.

I think it is the right thing to do, I think it is the necessary thing to do and I think it is a moral obligation we have. We ask you to go out and defend us – you’re entitled to be equipped to be able to defend us,” he said.

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