June 4, 2009

Tiananmen Square Massacre June 4, 1989

This was a moment in China's history that will never be forgotten. On this day, the Chinese Communist Leaders gave orders to UNLEASH its military forces on UN-ARMED CIVILIANS who were protesting peacefully. The end resulted in mass murder of INNOCENT UN-ARMED CIVILIANS to shut up and get rid of any opposition. Shame on you China! It's no wonder you have banned this moment from ALL Chinese conscience. Even YOU don't want to remember that god awful day! It would be nice to see China step up and issue an APOLOGY for acting irrationally and without any reason! China merely reacted in fear of their government being overturned. It has always been your BRUTE FORCE toward the INNOCENT that reveals your TRUE inferiority complex. Perhaps it is time for China to grow up if DIGNITY and HONOR mean anything to you?!?

One more thing, why do you call your military "The Chinese People's Liberation Army"??? Your army is not in any way LIBERATING the people of China! I suggest you change the name to "The Chinese People's BARBARIAN Army" or "The Chinese People's INTIMIDATION Army".

Here is another fine example of an OXY-MORON exalted by a military regime:

  • State Peace and Development Council - is the official name of the military regime of Burma (also known as Myanmar), which seized power in 1988. Myanmar should change the name to "State FEAR and OPPRESSION Council" or "State REPRESSIVE and DESTRUCTION Council".

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