June 25, 2009

President Obama's ABC Healthcare Waste Of Time!

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Was it just me or did President Obama take 10 minutes to answer each question and then in the end NEVER actually answered the questions asked?!? Most of the questions were so direct, a simple yes or no would have sufficed.

Another thing that extremely puzzles me about President Obama's campaign, vision and confidence about his healthcare proposal is his lack of preparedness. His healthcare proposal is so unbelievably ill-conceived. If you or I went to any bank in the world or even a private investor with a business proposal seeking capital, the bank or private investor is going to first ask for a detailed business plan.

A Business Plan is a document that describes an organization's current status and plans for several years into the future. It generally projects future opportunities and maps the financial, operational and marketing strategies that will enable the organization to achieve its goals. If your business plan is not well written and well packaged, you better believe you will be shown the door.

In the case of President Obama's healthcare overhaul we, the taxpayers are the bank! Therefore, would it not be wise for our President and Congress to have a business plan prepared before they start marketing it?!?!

As I slowly began to drift into a hypnotic state due to President Obama's charm and sense of humor, I had to force myself to listen to his long winded answers. During that time, I suddenly realized there is not one government run agency operated efficiently. Just think about this for a moment. Would 9/11 have been allowed to happen if the CIA, FBI, INS or FAA were doing their jobs? This current economic financial crisis could have also been averted had the Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasurer, Securities Exchange Commission and FBI were doing their jobs. Name one government agency (national, state and local level) that you know of for sure that provides quality service?! The answer is there isn't one. All of our taxpayer dollars that are supposed to be allocated to pay for social services mostly go towards administrative costs. On top of this initial waste, there are layers upon layers of government bureaucracy nothing gets done! The point I am trying to get across is that the job the government agencies were created to do have all clearly fallen short. That's actually a nice answer. What I want to say is they have ALL GROSSLY FAILED!

Look I think it's honorable that our President wants the low-income and retired citizens of our country to have access to healthcare. It is a serious issue that our country desperately needs to address. However, I see President Obama drowning in a glass of water. He needs to break down his healthcare plan into three parts: immediate need, short-term need and long-term need. The obvious immediate need would be providing preventative healthcare services for low-income and retired citizens. Look into the cost of building a medical clinic or center large enough to sustain an entire urban community. Patients can have access to medical, dental and vision. Then multiply that cost by every metropolitan city across America.

President Obama can have these medical centers up and running at a fraction of the cost he is proposing to spend on his healthcare plan estimated at $2 TRILLION. In fact, now that I think about it why doesn't our government direct most of the $787 BILLION Stimulus bill toward building these medical centers across America! That would put lot's of people to work and quickly! Why not? The BILLIONS are just sitting there NOT being spent on anything. I though it was supposed to STIMULATE JOLT our economy. Satisfy two great needs with one humongous stone why don't you. Only do us ALL a favor and DON'T manage these medical centers in the same way you did Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

I can't resist giving one more jab. If providing healthcare to our low-income and retired citizens was a TOP PRIORITY for our President and Congressional body, then why oh why did they choose to BLOW OFF $410 BILLION on inconsequential endeavors? Without a second thought? Why? I am referring to the OMNIBUS BILL! Our President and Congress didn't bother asking our permission for passing the Stimulus bill and Omnibus bill his first month in office that total $1.197 TRILLION not billion and not million that is T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N! So with this fact in mind what makes us think President Obama is sincere in asking us permission to pass the Healthcare bill??? Not sincere at all. President Obama has already made it CLEAR that this $2 TRILLION bill WILL PASS! He said he is confident that it will pass. So basically this is all a charade at our expense!

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