June 23, 2009

Burma Lingering On The Cusp Of "FAILED STATE" Status! The Findings Point To An Isolated State DECAYING From Within.

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Burma lingering on the cusp of "failed state" status
Tuesday June 23, 2009 15:49

Chiang Mai (mizzima) - Warning that the global recession could lead to more failed states, the 2009 Failed States Index lists Burma as in critical danger of state collapse due, primarily, to the MISUSE of power by the country's ruling military government.

Though holding steady at number 13 in the global rankings, Burma's cumulative 2009 score deteriorated by an additional 1.2 percent from a year previously, according to the latest rankings released earlier this week.

The study, a joint undertaking by Washington D.C.-based Foreign Policy and the Fund for Peace, argues Burma is failing "because their government is strong enough to choke the life out of their society."

Meanwhile, the Fund for Peace classifies each of five critical indicators – leadership, military, judiciary, civil service and police – as "poor" in the case of Burma.

The architects of the findings contend that few countries fail by chance, though admitting that foreign intervention, such as through the supply of arms, can contribute to a state's instability. Presently, there is concern that a North Korean ship laden with arms and possible missile technology is en route to a Burmese port.

Burma's worst categorical scores came in "Uneven Development" and "Delegitimization of the State", while the best of the poor scores were achieved in the areas of "Human Flight" and "External Intervention". The findings point to an isolated state DECAYING from within.

However, the report's authors contend it will be impossible for the world's stable governments to come to the assistance of all countries in danger of state collapse, arguing that the final decision on which nations to help will be based on geopolitical implications.

Specifically, the question "Which failed states are global security threats and which are simply tragedies for their own people?" is said to lie at the center of a country's assessment when determining where to focus a nation's limited resources in assisting states on the brink of failure.

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