May 27, 2009

A Special Note To The United Nations Security Council And U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton Regarding Burma, Officially The Union of Myanmar

I ask the United Nations Security Council, what is the POINT in having International Human Rights Laws if you continuously REFUSE to implement them on REPEAT OFFENDERS! We watch them LAUGH at you time after time! They know they'll never have to answer for their crimes against HUMANITY! All we've watched you do is the precise same thing concerned global citizens do and let the world know how you feel. Although, you supposedly have the POWER to actually change the situation whereas all we can do is PROTEST and EXPOSE these CRIMINALS!

Seriously, I want to know why you even exist? All nations need to come together and put a STOP TO THIS NOW! No more excuses that China's veto power out maneuvers your GOOD INTENTIONS! If I were you, I would put China in their place. Their guilty of the same OFFENSES! China could care less about Human Rights VIOLATIONS! That is why they continue to protect the Burmese military junta! They FEAR if the junta is removed from power and replaced with an actual democratic government, the PRICES they pay for the resources they DEVOUR will INCREASE CONSIDERABLY!

China does NOT pay actual market prices for the minerals they purchase from the Myanmar military regime. They get these resources on the cheap! Therefore, you need to speak to Chinese officals in terms of dollars and cents. You need to get China to SEE how they can still profit economically AFTER the Myanmar military regime is REMOVED! I would re-direct their attention to the MILLIONS of possible new consumers that Burma can provide to them. They need to be able to see the POTENTIAL PROFIT they can GAIN by LIBERATING the Burmese people and putting them to work. Help China see the BIGGER PICTURE after Burma has been economically restructured. The INCREASE in demand for Chinese products by Burmese people will OFFSET the increase in price for the resources China depends on. China needs to see a VALUE JUDGMENT! Change China's PERSPECTIVE $$$ and you change this situation!

Think about it. It's no secret that China has absolutely NO RESPECT for LIFE. Therefore, you will NEVER get through to China using the human rights argument. The ONLY way you can appeal to China and get them to cooperate is by appeasing their financial economic sensibility! This is how the Myanmar military regime has managed to obtain China's loyal support. NOW you MUST BEAT the Myanmar military regime using their own weapon! Your strategy must be to beat them at their own game and you will soon see a flawless victory! You MUST put Myanmar military regime to SHAME and send them back to the darkness from whence they came!

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