May 7, 2009

Obama MIND Games!

Now I'm an OBJECTIVE thinker. I also listen INTENTLY to the meaning spliced between the words spoken. This skill allows me to hear the TRUTH behind the subliminals messages conveyed by the speakers. Nevertheless, when President Obama addresses the public with his policy proposals, they are just that - PROPOSALS! I've noticed that ALL of his supporters jump for joy at the sound of his voice, but NEVER LISTEN to what he says compared to what he has ALREADY DONE! Actions do speak louder than words. I know I know this is a tired worn out cliche'. It stills HOLDS TRUE!

President Obama and his mouthpieces have repeatedly made clear that he INHERITED the economic mess we find ourselves in. As a THINKING person, I would like to know what this is supposed to prove? Are we SUPPOSED to feel SORRY for President Obama? This strategy of theirs only proves to me that he is a WEAK LEADER. Why you ask? Simply because he ran for President. He knew the RESPONSIBILITY he was accepting and CHOSE to ACCEPT the JOB. Therefore, in my mind he should LEAD and quit WHINING! A TRUE LEADER takes the helm of the ship and when confronted with dangerous currents, he instinctively and decidedly steers the ship to safety. He doesn't WHINE about it to his crew and passengers saying oh poor me, why did this have to happen on my watch. How is this ATTITUDE and MESSAGE supposed to instill CONFIDENCE in anyone looking to him for LEADERSHIP??? My gosh if he was on The Apprentice and I was Donald Trump, I would without hesitation say "YOU'RE FIRED!"

I see President Obama and his administration laughing, getting a real kick at how easily it is to create chaos, conflict, confusion and fear. The joke is on us! They are seriously enjoying manipulating our emotions. Take for instance, Airforce One sent by the White House to enter the NO FLY ZONE over Manhattan for a photo op. This is what I am referring to as OBAMA MIND GAMES! The White House intentionally inflicted fear into New Yorkers still sensitive and still recovering from 9/11. This was extremely insensitive of our government and sadistic to say the least. If anyone knows it's a NO FLY ZONE you think it would be our government, right?

President Obama announced this week that he was going to remove the tax loophole on people and business' who shelter their wealth off-shore and corporations who outsource their business overseas. I admit I was elated to hear this proposal. However, as I mentioned before it's just that... a proposal. This is one of those cases where I have to see it to believe it. Because frankly I don't see it happening AT ALL. How could it. Think about it. All of his friends have their wealth sheltered over seas. These are the very same people who handsomely INVESTED in his Presidential campaign. Does George Soros ring a bell? Besides, do you really think foreign countries are going to be willing to give up the names of U.S. depositors? I don't think so, they will have too much $$$ too lose. Therefore, President Obama is merely trying to keep his supporters appeased with more empty promises. Mark my words it is NOT going to happen.

Another example of Obama MIND GAMES is his attempt to SAVE taxpayers money. He announced this morning that he has decided to trim wasteful spending from the budget. This sounds great doesn't it? Yeah sure I too would be excited if he hadn't ALREADY WASTED $787 BILLION (STIMULUS BILL) + $410 BILLION (OMINBUS BILL) + $57 BILLION (GIVE ACT) + $350 BILLION (TARP) + $1 TRILLION (TALF). Am I missing anything? Probably. Well I hope you get my point? This totals a WHOPPING $2.6 TRILLION that President Obama has already SPENT (WASTED) in his FIRST 100 days as President. Ask yourself how much of this money is going to programs that have absolutely NO BENEFIT to the taxpayer? $100s of BILLIONS!

The budget cuts he announced this morning total something like $17 BILLION. His mouthpieces are making a HUGE deal out of this and praising him for thinking about the taxpayers. What killed me about this announcement and his so-called taxpayer savings is that the Obama Administration has ALLOWED Chrysler LLC NOT to pay back the $7 BILLION that we loaned them to avoid sudden corporate death! This was hidden in the Bankruptcy court documents and NOT one mention of this by President Obama or his mouthpieces! He put the United Auto Workers (UAW) BEFORE the taxpayers. In fact, he further SCREWED the taxpayers treating $7 BILLION like "IT'S NO BIG DEAL, GET OVER IT". But then turns around and tells us he wants to SAVE taxpayers money? You are NOT doing us any favors!

Do you see how he says one thing and turns around and does another!?!? He and his mouthpieces have mastered the art of slight of hand. It is a skill that 'they' have been using well. I'll give him credit for that! The average person wouldn't even notice the ILLUSION and that is precisely what 'they' are banking on!!!

Lastly, I would like to point out President Obama's MEGA EGO! Starting today I noticed that he and his mouthpieces have intentionally been saying "At the end of my (his) FIRST TERM". Shouldn't it be "At the end of MY TERM"? What makes him think he will have a SECOND TERM?! President Obama has to first EARN his way to a second term!!! Again, a TRUE LEADER would be concerned about the work at hand RIGHT NOW! His AMBITIOUS EGO has his sights already set on his 2012 campaign strategy. That is why he and his mouthpieces are using the subliminal message strategy to get his supporters ready! Why doesn't he just say "I will achieve this by 2012"? or "I plan to have this done by 2012"? At least this is how a TRUE LEADER would say it. Because guess what President Obama... IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!

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