May 4, 2009

The Inner Light

Oh wow! This message by GoldRing has touched me so profoundly! I have typed a transcript of the first 5 minutes for my international readers who need to use Babel Fish to translate. I highly recommend that you listen to the entire message.


Wayshowers, you have gone through the changes necessary to awaken to your own inner LIGHT through the guidance of your inner teacher. Be encouraged by the changes within world and see reality shift before your eyes. In every step of trust you are brought forth into closer alignment with the real. It is the real that caused for you to come out of your shell and walk into the line of sight and space and time where the galaxy opens up into a multidemensional aray of spectral variety of contrast.

It is your telepathic creative wisdom that guides the world forth in every aspect and detail. The power of your creative ability is to drive the energy of continuity into the perspective of reality where your desire energizes the internal flame of your individual soul in harmony with the family in galaxy. When you ask for love, for prayers, for guidance into the unknown you ask of your own spirit for the truth that you are loved. This is always the first desire and you are Created from love and always loved and never alone.

The world is given to you. You do not have to earn it, to work, to have a mission, to be perfect. For you already are in the Divine Creation that your Being was born into. It is in FREEDOM that you THRIVE and remember that you were given LIFE. Which is the essence of Divine Source. Always giving you the substance of Creation and the Intelligent Wisdom to align with goodness and joy. You are part of the family of LIFE. If you feel these words than you are part of the family and live with comfort and security and peace.

It is received within as you are in acceptance of your rightful inheritance. Your awareness stretches throughout time and space and you acknowledge oneness and unity within the field of truth. You have always known of the inner light that shines within your Being. It has always been shining as part of you. It is the central sun that you have sought to find in the Universe and it is within you. The inner light is the central sun of the Universe for you an Omni-centric Being sharing in the Universal energy of Source. You are LIGHT, you are the Wayshowers who hold enlightenment.

The Words shared with you have meanings and tones which are scales of a melody that transfused your Being into harmonic agreement with the teachers of Light who come from within as the central sun and the galactic heart are held within you.

Those who call you away from your center are seeking outside of their being for assistance and call for something they will never find. You are to look within, the way and the Light as the inner journey. You travel through emotional forms, thoughts and manifestations in temporal reality to find your deepest intentions.

You are in an doorway where you are to move forth into the unknown. This unknown is in-line with potential and promise. It is your promise and the reality that you create which awaits you. The inner light is your soul, the essence of all that you are and ever will become. For it is the Source of energy that is the given request before asked. If you look within your Being and deep into the indigo blue aura surrounding your own galaxy there is a golden sun that shines at the very heart of who you are. It is the central sun that brightens the mult-dimensional sky with layers of light that holds together all of the gravity.

You have found home. It is a place inside where TRUTH is given and known always without question. It is the point within where you are centered balanced in harmony and in peaceful comfort. Always bliss and joy for you have made the step from the known to the unknown. You have crossed the gap from the outside to the inside. You are aware of peace for you that which have always been and will become. In this first wave you are given the gift of knowledge and peace in the completion of the plan. In our non-physical presence we are outside of time and live within the inner Being of our soul. Within this realm the mind is held in the peaceful center of home. Gathered together in the ceremony of re-birth.

Bring forth the vision of the Creation from within your inner world. Allow the flow of streams of conscious awareness to enlightened all to the Truth of the rising sun. Enjoy the processions, the grand illumination of your inner Beings. You are the shining Ones. Your voice is heard and your energy is connected to the great family of Light. Connect within to your inner Light which shines as your perfect Being within. You are called forth to manifest a crystal holographic expression of your Divine nature in every aspect of life now.

It is desire that you give and give and ask and ask so that you may receive the blessings that are saved for you. Ask to know what is your Highest purpose and ask to know what brings you closer to your shining central Light. Ask to be in the Creative flow of Divine Love and experience the intelligent outflowing of Source into your life. Ask first so that you may receive as you BELIEVE for the gifts that would bring you joy and peace are realized in the moment of feeling. It is yours to ask for this, to imagine this, to be this and to accept this.

The asking and the receiving are a part of the same river of Source. You are not before or behind the flow. You are within the energy of Source. Allow each moment to be the enjoyment of experience in feeling the energy of the Great river. The Great river guides you along on your direction with purpose, power and value. Value who you are and why you are here with more clarity and vision of why you have found experience in all level of your realities. Remember to only look within for the journey is within and up into your soul and to harmony with your path.

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