April 23, 2009

President Obama Signed H.R. 1388 - The Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education (GIVE) Act Into LAW!

I'm still having trouble understanding WHY this bill has the word 'VOLUNTEERISM' in its title? If a person is getting paid ANY kind of compensation, then wouldn't that be called a JOB? The 'GIVE' act totally defeats the principle a child learns, discovers when they're taught to do the right thing. A person volunteers their time, skills or money because they want to make a CONTRIBUTION to society. A person volunteers without expecting ANYTHING in return other than the JOY of GIVING of themselves for the GREATER GOOD of SOCIETY! That is what our new GENERATION should be TAUGHT! To SERVE...

The $5.7 BILLION would be better SPENT on the Public School System! That is where funding is sorely lacking and our youth is suffering as a result. The $5.7 BILLION would be MORE THAN ENOUGH to give our Public School System a much NEEDED face lift. This money could pay for new up-to-date textbooks. This money could pay for new desks and chalkboards. This money could pay for air conditioning. The list goes on, you get my drift. I believe by focusing on improving the Public School System, the school districts can then implement a 'Volunteer' program/class into their curriculum as a TEACHING tool.

Our public school system is BROKEN. Therefore, what it the point of forcing our youth to EARN their college tuition if they are NOT intellectually prepared. This money should FIRST goes towards raising our K through 12 EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS to better EQUIPPED our youth to prepare for a COLLEGE EDUCATION! You can't send a student to college if they ARE NOT even prepared intellectually FIRST! So does this mean that colleges are NOW going to have to LOWER there standards in order to integrate these students into the system of HIGHER LEARNING?

Please click HERE to see who voted for this bill that was signed into law by President Obama on Tuesday April 21, 2009. You will be directed to the OpenCongress website.

I posted what I wrote above and posed a question on Sodahead. Please click HERE to participate and/or read everybody else's comments.


San Francisco Chronicle
Obama law ties public service to college aid
written by Ann Sanner, Associated Press
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 04:00 PDT Washington

A president who credits community service with giving him direction in life opened that opportunity to tens of thousands more Americans on Tuesday.

President Obama signed a $5.7 billion national service bill that triples the size of the AmeriCorps service program over the next eight years and expands ways for students to earn money for college by helping those in their neighborhoods.

"What this legislation does, then, is to help harness this patriotism and connect deeds to needs," said Obama, a former community organizer in Chicago.

"It creates opportunities to serve for students, seniors and everyone in between," he said. "And it is just the beginning of a sustained, collaborative and focused effort to involve our greatest resource - our citizens - in the work of remaking this nation."

Joining Obama was Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., who has been battling brain cancer. Kennedy championed the legislation with Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah.

Kennedy told the audience that included former President Bill Clinton, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former first lady Rosalynn Carter that Obama's efforts echoed those of his late brother, President John F. Kennedy.

"Today, another young president has challenged another generation to give back to their nation," Kennedy said, citing his brother's advocacy for the Peace Corps.

The service law expands ways for students and seniors to earn money for college through their volunteer work. It aims to foster and fulfill people's desire to make a difference, such as by mentoring children, cleaning up parks or buildings and weatherizing homes for the poor.

"I'm asking you to help change history's course, put your shoulder up against the wheel," Obama said. "And if you do, I promise you your life will be richer, our country will be stronger, and someday, years from now, you may remember it as the moment when your own story and the American story converged, when they came together, and we met the challenges of our new century."

Afterward, Obama and first lady Michelle Obama joined Clinton to plant trees at a national park site along the Anacostia River in northeast Washington.

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