April 21, 2009

Ask And You Shall Receive! Why I Feel Alpha Inventions Was Heaven Sent And Cheru Jackson Is A CREATIVE GENIUS!

God totally ROCKS! A couple of weeks ago after writing an opinion editorial, I felt such complete satisfaction. I realized at that moment that I really enjoyed writing. Joy welled up in my spirit. I looked up and said, "God this is what I want to do for living. Is this what you wanted me to recognize?" I went on to say, "I am open and receptive to your guidance. I am ready to go to the next level."

Well, slowly but surely I found myself updating my blog, getting reconnected with my accounts that I allowed to get de-activated. I have been operating this blog for a year and half now. I hardly view the traffic. I know that I've had a nice steady stream of regular visitors. I merely focused on providing the material that you would be interested in reading. I looked forward to posting information for all of you every day with breaks in between of course.

However, just this past Sunday I suddenly began saying OUT LOUD to myself, "globalawareness101 is going to explode with tons of new visitors from all over the world. globalawareness101 is going to get major exposure. globalawareness101 is going to start to generate income exponentially." No less than 24 hours from the time I began prophesying what I had visualized, the number of visitors jump enormously! Plus, I started to get more clicks on my product advertisements which means more income for me. I was blown away at how quickly I received a response from God. Everything started falling into place. This is what it feels like to be synchronized with God's will for your life. WOW, I'm telling you I'm still blown away!

[Quick note, the links I provide along the right hand side of my blog I don't earn income from. They are resource links to direct you to informational websites, spiritual websites and organizations that you can partner with and make a difference in this world.]

But I digress. Shortly after discovering, in sheer amazement mind you, the number of new readers I had visiting globalawareness101 I was led to view the referal links at one of my site counters. Apparently, one or more of my readers had been submitting my blog to various websites that has been driving traffic to globalawareness101 without my knowledge. Isn't that wild! Thank you so very much! I had not even mentioned my wishes to anybody. There is no doubt in my mind that this has been God's hand at work on my behalf...

One of the sites I do want to mention is Alpha Inventions! Well I think Cheru Jackson is a creative GENIUS! He happens to be just a regular working guy who is great at coding websites and came up with this great idea for providing bloggers with massive exposure. The idea is bloggers helping bloggers. But it's actually more than that. You get to connect to blogs you many not have ever discovered and enjoy reading. Thank you Cheru for thinking OUTSIDE of the box!!! You're my kind of human. So for all of you who wish to drive more traffic to your website, I highly recommend that you visit Alpha Inventions and submit your blog for the world to see. I have taken the following from Alpha Inventions description:


First off my name is Cheru Jackson, and I’m just a regular working guy with an apartment and an old car with a big imagination. I don’t think like anyone in this world, because if I did I would not have been able to create alphainventions.com I just ate a McChicken, and I’m a little sleepy.

Here is how it works. (simple as possible I hope).. Ready?

Let’s go…

If you update or publish your blog at the same time my visitors are browsing blogs in my site then my visitors will get a chance to see your blog in real-time. BAM! (the entire blog is in their face instantly) It’s not even annoying to watch. Is it alpha addicts??

I also provide a link to your blog in case they want it to open your blog in a new window, or bookmark your blog . The links provides your title, and description to help my visitors get a better understanding on what your blog is about, and get more interested. Alphainventions.com is useful for wordpress.com , typepad.com, spaces.live.com, and blogger.com I love it, and want to grow it like a tree. Yahh!

To get more traffic from alphainventions.com just keep your blog updated or go to the homepage, and notify readers about your blog. It’s so simple.


jahanzaib said...

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Princess Mononoke said...

Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words!!! It's nice to get feedback every now and then ;)