March 11, 2009

Where's Waldo/Osama Bin-Laden?

Let's get real here! The United States of America, under the Carter Administration ENABLED every damn Muslim Extremist by providing weapons and creating combat training camps in Afghanistan to help them fight against Russia back in the late 1970's! Zbigniew Brzezinski was President Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser and is NOW President Obama's Senior Foreign Policy Advisor.

So the question is who are we seeking revenge for the 9/11 attacks from? We were NOT attacked by Iraq nor Afghanistan nor Pakistan! We were intentionally attacked on 9/11 by an ideological movement spearheaded by Muslim Extremist! The Muslim Extremist have been IMPOSING their Sharia Law in almost every nation. Most recently in an article reported by the BBC yesterday, "The cabinet in Somalia has endorsed a proposal by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed to implement Islamic law in the country." This is because Somalia has been invaded by RADICAL ISLAMIST GUERRILAS! These murderers have mobilized ALL around the WORLD! They are not in any isolated country as our politicians would like for us to believe!

Therefore, why oh why are we wasting our time, money and lives on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan? Does this mean that we are going to INVADE every damn country trying to filter out Muslim Extremist? And if we are so-called looking for Osama Bin-Laden, don't you think this monster can go under the radar and be sheltered by another Muslim dominated country? He has already proven to be elusive these past 8 years! Sudan for example harbored Osama Bin-Laden for five years. In an article published by the BBC in 2001, "Osama Bin Laden used to live in the capital Khartoum." Yes, that's right Osama Bin Laden is good friends with the Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

So let's quit the bullsh*t propaganda by Washington officials claiming to be looking for Waldo/Osama Bin-Laden! President Obama is just a front man and he's allowing himself to be propped up by more devious powers. The men behind the curtain have ULTERIOR MOTIVES! This is a strategist game of chess. After considering all of the moves already made by the Obama/Biden Administration it does NOT bode well for America as we know it today!

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