March 18, 2009

Haleigh Cummings' Father And His Girlfriend Got Married And Appeared On The Today Show For An Exclusive Interview!

Okay, please watch this video of Ronald Cummings and his new bride Misty Croslin on The Today Show. Meredith Vieira asked Misty a direct question, "Help me out Misty, why were there inconsistencies? Why did you say one thing one time and one thing the other?" Misty replied, "Um, I don't know." Meredith Vieira asked, "But you know you did do that?" Misty Croslin, "Yeah." Meredith Vieira, "And you're not sure why?" Misty Croslin replied, "No."

Pay attention to Misty when asked about the inconsistencies. Misty pauses, looks toward Ronald Cummings for guidance, Ronald Cummings is looking down in a controlling manner and Misty is left to answer this one on her own. Misty obviously can't answer why there are inconsistencies because she screwed up the script given to her by Ronald Cummings! Misty can't admit that.

Look, the following questions NEED to be answered:

  1. Did Haleigh Cummings attend school the days before the alleged abduction? Never been answered.
  2. When was the last day the city dumster was collected by the city waste management?
  3. Did the police take dogs to the location where the trash collection is taken at the city dump?

This is why I am asking, I believe Haleigh died days before and her body was wrapped up in a trash bag and thrown in the local dumpsters/bin. This gave Ronald Cummings days to come up with a convincing story. Then Ronald Cummings bullied Misty Croslin into corraborating with his story or else! The only people who CLAIM they saw little 5 year old Haleigh Cummings are Ronald Cummings grandmother who claims to have brought over washed clothes the evening Haleigh was abducted and Misty Croslin's brother, nephews and niece who only stayed for a half an hour supposedly. Oh and we can't forget that AC guy who was there that evening to repair their AC in the WINTER?!?!? Why would Ronald's grandmother wash the children's clothes and conveniently drop them off when part of Misty's testimony was that she was doing laundry in the trailer just before she went to bed??? Ronald Cummings family is covering for him!

And another thing, Ronald Cummings' grandmother is now telling the media that Ronald has NEVER beaten Haleigh. She is saying that the little girl adored her father. Well of course Haleigh adored her father. No matter how much her father beat her, Haleigh would still love her father because she doesn't know any better. In her young mind, THIS ABUSE IS NORMAL! All every little child wants is to LOVE and BE LOVED! PLUS, Ronald's grandmother's testimony is inconsistent with Haleigh's biological mother's story. Crystal Sheffield told reporters that Ronald's grandmother is the person who told her that she should leave Ronald because of the abuse!

I believe Ronald Cummings snapped and beat the crap out of Haleigh Cummings in a fit of rage. Went to far and Haleigh died. He didn't mean to kill her. Abusers don't think, they only react! Nevertheless, her death at his hands would still land him in jail. Therefore, they came up with this cacamamie story to absolve him of any wrongdoing. Think about it for a moment. Ronald Cummings has a SOLID ALIBI, he was at work when Haleigh Cummings was supposedly abducted. Ronald works a 12 hour shift at PDM Bridge from 3:00pm to 3:00am as a Crane Operator. Misty coincidently woke up just before Ronald Cummings came home from work to discover Haleigh Cummings was missing?!?!? Misty dialed 911 AFTER Ronald got home. This is when the well scripted plan came into play. However, Ronald Cummings didn't account for Misty Croslin forgetting key points causing the INCONSISTENCIES. If the police make it a point to grill Misty Croslin-Cummings and make her a KEY SUSPECT, Misty will eventually break and will be forced to tell the TRUTH about Ronald Cummings to save herself.

Greta Van Susteran, Nancy Grace, Geraldo Rivera and Meredith Vieira PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get to the bottom of this murder!!! Give little 5 year old Haleigh Cummings JUSTICE!

Haleigh Cummings: 5 years old, last seen Monday night February 9th.

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