February 26, 2009

House OKs $410 Billion Bill to Boost Domestic Spending! Taxpayers for Common Sense Found 8,570 Disclosed EARMARKS Worth $7.7 BILLION

You have got to be fricken kidding me!!! President Obama says one thing to the American people and turns around and does another. Didn't you just declare yesterday that you intended to reduce the deficit??? Listen, I get that your democratic cronies were pissed the last 8 years when the Republicans plundered our tax revenue coffers and left us screwed! Nevertheless, it does NOT give you the right to RAM the taxpayers even further! Haven't the American people been VIOLATED enough?! All of you in Washington are guilty of ABUSING the POWER bestowed unto you by the American people!

Your actions WILL cause our economy to sink even further into the abyss!! TWO WRONGS DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT! Shame on all of you!

This is the STATUS QUO we can believe in...

By: AP 25 Feb 2009 04:56 PM ET

The Democratic-controlled House approved $410 billion legislation Wednesday that boosted domestic programs, bristled with earmarks and chipped away at policies left behind by the Bush administration. The vote was 245-178, largely along party lines.

Republicans assailed the measure as too costly—particularly on the heels of a $787 billion stimulus bill that President Barack Obama signed last week. But Democrats jabbed back.

The debate occurred one day after Obama told Congress in a prime time television address that he intends to cut deficits in half over the next four years, and one day before he submits tax and spending plans for the coming year.

Given the extraordinary costs of the financial industry bailout and the stimulus, the White House projects this year's budget shortfall will be $1.5 trillion, triple the previous record of $455 billion in 2008.

After persuading lawmakers to keep earmarks off the stimulus bill, Obama made no such attempt on the first non-emergency spending measure of his presidency.

The result was that lawmakers claimed billions in federal funds for pet projects _ a TOTAL of 8,570 EARMARKS at a cost of $7.7 billion, according to Taxpayers for Common Sense. Majority Democrats declined to provide a number of earmarks, but said the cost was far smaller, $3.8 billion, 5 percent less than a year ago.

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