February 15, 2009

Children of the Seventh Light Peace + Power

Okay can I get anymore blown away?!?! This message is AMAZING and very timely. I have been calling on my Angels today for understanding of the process we are all undertaking. I have typed a transcript of the first 4 minutes of this 9 minute message for all of my International readers who need to use Babel Fish to translate.


As the wheels of time turn to stop on the ending of the seventh light, the day that ends time, there will be an awakening of the Universal higher consciousness. From the point upon the wheel where all is done, there is a point of the enlightened One.

You are given the Truth of this moment and you look for the children outside of your soul. Yet you are in atonement with the ones who are the children and you are the child within that sees the ones shining back within the eyes of the twin. The galaxies of the Milky Way and Andromeda are children of the Universe. They are companions, twins, shared souls with a gift of Being that shares an expression in existence.

You are in continuum in wisdom, joy and vibration. Time will cease and the end is not what you are. Both in the beginning and the ending. The mystery is upon you. You are both the young and the old, the old and the young. You are the One, the children and the rising sun.

The dawn in the seventh light is near. You are hearing the future becken you to begin to see through all that you fear and run in joy to the doorway. There is a great awakening as you become again the Being that you are and everyone that you see you are there and in the child and in the old wise ones eyes.

You are the child within and the part of the family of life brought to clear the pathway to the future. Your voice sings in clear and full joy. You are running to the LIGHT and you see the future in your sight. There is peace in your heart and bliss in every step as in every stage in your life is brought to fullfillment. You are closer than you have ever been before. Creation is becoming what it is made to be.

You are the one, you are the only one that brings back your child within. To see that you are brought into the light of the 5th day. The 6th and the 7th culminate deliverance into the realms of Universal conscious awareness. The skies of wisdom and the light of spiritual understanding open before and awaken Humanity.

All is what you see and all is now where you are now and you are moving faster on the stream. The river of Heaven brings you closer into the current of the great central sun.

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