February 24, 2009

Can We Get REAL Here!?!?! The World Does NOT Owe You Anything! You Owe it to YOURSELF to Quit Asking for Handouts!

I would like to share with all of my readers the kind of NON-sense the Obama supporters are marketing throughout the Blogosphere!!! Plus, the Obama supporters are pushing a petition asking President Obama to FORGIVE their student loans. Click here to read the article written by Huffington Post supporting Obama forgiving student loans. Un-fricken-believable!!! The following is from a question posed on SodaHead.

Tu Madre wrote: Socialism is different where it is not a hierarchy. Communism and socialism are the same in which everybody shares goods and does jobs for the benefit of their society but communism puts the power in the hands of the few where socialism is supposed to be democracy-like.


Princess Mononoke wrote: I am not a republican. I am however an independent objective critical thinker! The Obama supporters notion that socialism is the way to go and President Obama's wasteful spending bill is to be praised is OUTRIGHT ABSURD! If anyone needs to stop and seriously look at the facts it is the Obama supporters!

Both the white collar and blue collar WORKING class have been responsible for paying the taxes that the WHOLE of society has benefited from. Services such as free education, fire dept, police dept., miltary defense, library services, public roads, the so-called justice dept., the prison system, etc. We, the Working Class HAVE already been sustaining the ENTIRE economy that the GREEDY individuals of every race have SELFISHLY helped to destroy!

Who do you think ABUSES these benefits the MOST and takes these benefits for GRANTED? The NON-working class! ie; the gangsters, the drug dealers, the pimps, and most welfare recipients. These are the LOW STANDARDS President Obama is SUPPORTING and WANTS everybody to SHARE?

The NON-working class are the ones who drop out of school early on! The NON-working class are the ones who have early teen pregnancies! The NON-working class are the ones who graffiti our highways and biways and neighborhoods! The NON-working class help sustain drug ADDICTION and keep the drug lords in business. The NON-working class are the ones who TERRORIZE neighborhoods with VIOLENCE and THEFT! The NON-working class are the ones who PIMP young women as their sex slaves! NONE of these low class people PAY TAXES! And how many of their children end up in our Foster Care system???

You know I have NEVER understood why fleas exist? But they do. Fleas are a parasite that sole purpose is to SUCK the lifeblood out of every LIVING creature on this planet. Now with that being said, would you like fleas multiplying in your home environment? I am pretty sure your answer is absolutely NOT! As soon as you feel a flea in your home, the very first thing you will do is fumigate. Why? Because you know damn well that if you don't tackle your flea problem immediately, they will multiply faster than you can say OUCH and make your life a living hell. RIGHT? So I ask you why does society tolerate those human parasites I mentioned above?

Everybody in America has the RIGHT to Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. However, you do NOT have a guarantee of these priviledges. Everybody must carry their own weight, have a DESIRE to GROW as a person, work hard and make a REAL contribution to society by paying their taxes.

Do you have any idea how many immigrants since the 18th century have arrived in America with only $5 dollars in their pocket and a DREAM for a better life!!! This is the face of America! This country has always offered anybody willing to work hard an opportunity for a better life. Nothing is FREE! The price you must pay for achieving your dreams is hard work, determination and a do not quit attitude. Therefore making the cost of personal success PRICELESS!

The laws of supply and demand have always prevailed. Nothing is FREE! Since the beginning of time there has always been some kind of medium of exchange for goods and services. Even the cavemen had to hunt (work hard) for their food! If there is NO WORK available in your community then you have every RIGHT to move to another area where you can find work! That is precisely what they did during the Great Depression when the farmers got hit hard by the 'dust bowl'. Everybody made the hard CHOICE to leave their homes to move out west where they heard there were opportunities for WORK and thus EARN A LIVING! These people were NOT seeking handouts. Click here to watch a 2 minute summary of John Steinbeck's novel 'The Grapes of Wrath'.

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