January 20, 2009

Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America - Brigitte Gabriel (Author) Speaks at the Heritage Foundation Parts 1, 2, 3 of 7

These are most definitely MUST SEE videos!!! Brigitte Gabriel gives her testimony, her first hand account of radical islam, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Palestinians. Each segment is approximately 10 minutes with part 1 on top and part 3 at the bottom. You can visit her website, American Congress For Truth to get more information. This is the first time I am being introduced to her. Nevertheless, I have an enormous amount of respect for her because she has the courage to expose the truth about this hateful ideology.

If you would like to watch it on your media player in its entirety one full hour, please click the following link:


I would like to close with not all muslims are bad. Just like not all christians, catholics or jews are bad. It is the RADICAL EXTREMIST nature of ALL of these religions that perpetuate a personal hateful ideology that only intention is to CONTROL through FEAR!

Everything you are witnessing now is a result of God shining His LIGHT. All of the corruption, greed, fraud, hatred and racism is being EXPOSED like never before! Think about it. The shift has already begun... Darkness cannot exist where there is LIGHT!

I pray for God to continue exposing the darkness and revealing the truth by shining His LIGHT on us here on earth. And for every child of the Most High to let the spirit lead them so they can become instruments of His will and not ours. God is in control.

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