August 30, 2009

Beautiful Ideas Will Grow

I just had to post this 3 1/2 minute video titled, 'Beautiful Ideas Will Grow' posted by Raindreamer on YouTube. I have typed this beautiful inspirational message for those of you who are unable to watch the video and for my readers who need to translate using Babel Fish. Enjoy!

  • Beautiful ideas will grow when what's done and said come together peacefully, like dances in my head.
  • Pure harmony, here in me-- So entrancing, changing me; touching deeply, mine to keep in sweetest melody.
  • Thoughts from Heaven feed my soul, in my hour of need.
  • When I feel God nudging, it's the answer to my plea.
  • I note the smell of roses permeating through the evening air, then God's spirit shakes and awakens, my dull senses here.
  • When I go to sleep at night I say my humble prayers, thanking Heavenly Father for the Blessings WE all share-- For home and food, water cool, sweet fresh air, which as a rule, stays around and sustains us, as survivor tools!
  • As I walk at evening tide, among the flowers fair-- I feel Jesus healing me, with PEACE beyond compare; I feel His LOVE coming from Heaven and His hosts above, joyously encouraging me, to my jurney's end!
  • Star's in Heaven sing God's praises-- If WE could tune in, WE would HEAR ALL OF CREATION joined in solemn hymms of gratitude for His plans of redemption for ALL mankind and the myriad forms created through His mind and hands.
  • Heavenly Father bless us, as WE walk here on this earth; Give us health and strength to serve Thee from our very births...
  • Send Angels bright, dressed in white when the efforts that we have made to progress are not sufficient to climb up the grade!
  • Beautiful companionship grows when what's done and said comes together beautifully agreeing like one head--
  • Ideas that lift are a gift to be shared in HARMONY... touching deeply each one keeping sweetest melody!

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