April 13, 2009

Q & A from the Whale Killers at IRCwhale.org

I went to the IRCwhale.org website to find out what the heck they are supposedly researching and they are calling the activists terrorist on their website. Then I found this Q&A they have just released... UNBELIEVABLE BULLSHIT rhetoric! This takes the cake... Please click here to read 10 questions and answers. I've copied questions 5 and 6 to give you an idea of the NON-SENSICAL no conscience answers they give to justify the mass killings! Shame on YOU Japan. May your punishment fit the CRIME! Your Karma will be severe...

Q5. Why does Japan continue its research whaling in the face of contrary world opinion and in contradiction to the moratorium on commercial whaling?

A5. In fact, anti-whaling is not "world opinion" - rather, it is a predominately Western phenomenon in developed countries amplified by anti-whaling fundraising NGOs and the Western media. Almost half of the IWC members support the sustainable use of whale resources.

With respect the moratorium on commercial whaling (which was intended as a temporary measure to provide time for the collection and analysis of further scientific data) it is important to note that Article VIII begins with the words "Notwithstanding anything in this Convention..." meaning that the moratorium on commercial whaling does not apply to research whaling. The same Article ends with the words: "the killing, taking and treating of whales in accordance with the provision of this Article shall be exempt from the operation of this Convention".

Q6. Why is Japan killing whales in the IWC Antarctic Sanctuary and in waters claimed by Australia and designated as a sanctuary under Australian domestic law?

A6. The IWC Sanctuary in the Antarctic applies to commercial whaling only. It does not apply to research whaling conducted under Article VIII of the ICRW. Article VIII begins with the words: "Notwithstanding anything in this Convention...", meaning that neither the moratorium on commercial whaling nor the sanctuary in the Antarctic Ocean applies to research whaling. The IWC Sanctuary in the Antarctic was adopted without any recommendation from the scientific committee that it was required for convention purposes.

Further, at the 2004 meeting of the Scientific Committee, invited outside experts strongly criticized IWC santuaries as an approach to conservation. Their conclusions were that the IWC sanctuaries are not ecologically justified, that they are based on vague goals and objectives, that they lack a rigorous approach to design and operation, that they represent a "shotgun" approach to conservation, and that they are more prohibited than precautionary.

In regards to Australia's designated sanctuary, many countries including the U.S. and Japan do not recognize Australia's Antarctic claim. The Antarctic Treaty, to which Australia is a member, freezes all Antarctic claims. From the perspective of the International community therefore, Australia's claim and its sanctuary in Antarctic waters, which it has declared under its domestic legislation, has no legal standing in International Law and therefore no effect.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing from IRC website. I just viewed an extremely upsetting episode of Whale Wars, noticed the kill-ship's IRC logo and went to the website, but was unable to open English version. Their website rhetoric might even fool some people, but there's no mistaking what I saw from the Sea Shepherd helicopter camera: The Japanese IRC vessels are killing and processing whales for meat right on board, not "researching" them.

Princess Mononoke said...

You're very welcome freebirdspirit!

I kept re-posting this information after every new horrific news story reported by Sea Shepherd.

It's unbelievable how many whales are being massacred under the disguise of research!!!

I can't believe they blocked the English version of their b.s.! Why the secrecy if they weren't doing anything WRONG!?!

It's the Japanese government that is supporting these WHALE KILLINGS! They need to be put to SHAME!

Unknown said...

Enough is to much, these whaling ships need to be SUNK ! Forget all the rhetoric these are criminals that are abusing a defenseless species without reason. The bombs that fell on Japan in the 1940 were not enough, they have not learned their lesson. Do it again ! Also to blame are the Capitalist dictators of the world economy Bildiburg Group ect that have supported the redevelopment of countries like japan for their own senseless greed. Attack with force, sink the ships and Bomb Japan to hell ! They did it to Pearl harbor without a speck of remorse. Give them the same chance they give the whales.... Kill them all !

lrcracklin said...

I'm of the opinion that, as far as karma is concerned, the recent disasters that have befallen Japan (and my heart goes out to all)might just serve as a wake-up call. Regardless of the rage that brews within my soul each time I see a fellow sentient being being brutalized, I don't believe that the bombing of Japan is the answer; however, in as much as their cultural ethics and attitudes towards other peoples of "lesser value," in their collective mind, is and always has been out of sync with other members of the world community (ask any surviving citizen of pre WWll Nanking, China --- the list goes on), I believe that their abhorant behavior warrants further study. Perhaps a small scale scientific inquiry should be initated. Such an endeavor would, of course, require a bit of harvesting, but as long as it's in the name of science --------?

Jillian A. Morine, Canada said...

Japan has shown repeatedly that they consider themselves above internationl law and furthermore that they consider themselves superior to other species such whales and dolphins as seen in The Cove. The whales and dolphins have shown their species to be superior by remaining gentle beings. I am shocked by the violence this nation shows and I'm disgusted by their cries of cultural beliefs. Slavery was once a cultural belief until courageous people stood up and fought. I applaud every effort to stop the murder of whales and dolphins for any reason

Princess Mononoke said...

@Jillian A. Morine, Canada

Slavery of men, women and children still exists today all around the world. It's now called human trafficking which is underground slavery. But slave trade is legal in many nations. Just thought you would like to know.

Sunny INDIA said...

thanks for sharing the thoughts Princess mononoke.....its true they have been severely punished by God and Fate....but those bastards are ON...those ships should be sunk......NISHIMARU ship what kind of shit name is that.....got emotional after seeing that cruel activity on WHALE WARS by those criminals