December 2, 2007

The Human Emotions p. 4 of 6

Another 10 minute clip of the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know".

How do you view yourself? It's a constant struggle between your mind (ego) and spirit. Your thoughts are contrived by your past experience and associations. Therefore, you are constantly striving to meet a standard that has been conceived by your environment.


Debbie said...

Hey Princess,
I just found your blog via HP. Wow. So great. I look forward to reading every inch of it. Grew up in LA, by the way... Hancock Park and high school in Hollywood. Anyway, thanks for th blog and I'll definately comment more as I peruse. -Debbie

Princess Mononoke said...

Thanks Debbie that means a lot to me. I’m just now getting my feet wet. I promise the news will get juicier as time goes on. I look forward to your future commentary. ;-)

BTW, I'm a valley girl. But have lots of friends and family over the hill.