September 14, 2014

USA: Unreal: Michelle And Barack Remember 9/11 In The Most Shockingly Inappropriate Way. Promote "KaBoom" Products. Seriously! Wow! :o

Western Journalism
written by Norvell Rose
Friday September 12, 2014

It’s hard to imagine that Michelle Obama and her White House advisors could possibly have picked a more bizarre way to let her social media fans know how FLOTUS was remembering 9/11 and supposedly paying her respects to the thousands of Americans killed by radical Muslim terrorists.

How long do you have to look at the First Lady’s twitter feed to see the horribly jarring message and terribly awkward imagery?
Seriously? Michelle and Barack Obama are happy to be seen stuffing colorful KaBOOM! backpacks with goodies for poor kids as a remembrance of that dark day when hijacked planes flew into buildings and exploded in deadly fireballs in New York and Washington?

On its website, the organization KaBOOM! describes its mission as working…
…to bring balanced and active play into the daily lives of all children, particularly those growing up in poverty in America. We do this by creating great places to play, inspiring communities to promote and support play and driving the national discussion about the importance of play in fostering healthy and productive lives.
Certainly, KaBOOM!’s heart appears to be in the right place. But to put the KaBOOM!-featured FLOTUS feed front and center on 9/11 was clearly not in the right place, as noted by a bunch of upset tweeters. Twitter was quick to light up with posts from people who apparently had a greater sense of propriety than the White House.

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