June 16, 2014

USA: Abortion Activist Hangs "Aborted Baby Jesus" Dolls in New York Hobby Lobby. The Store Should Pull Security Footage And Have This Person Arrested And Charged For Vandalism aka New York Penal Law 145 Criminal Mischief.

Christian Headlines
written by Carrie Dedrick, Editor
Wednesday June 4, 2014

A Hobby Lobby store in Poughkeepsie, New York was recently the target of an act of pro-abortion vandalism. An abortion activist allegedly displayed baby dolls that represented Jesus hanging from coat hangers with a poster that read, “Hobby Lobby Aborted Baby Jesus.”

While no one has officially taken responsibility for the act, the vandalism is believed to be the work of propaganda artist Ron English. English’s blog read, “...Ron came across a rack which held four crucified aborted Baby Jesus’. Wonder if they are still there.” The activist also posted a video to his YouTube channel depicting an unidentified person placing the dolls around the store.

Life News reports that the video, called “Christian Consumerism” ends with the words, “Consume like a real Christian at Hobby Lobby.” It is most likely referencing Hobby Lobby’s objection to the Obama administration birth control mandate.
Life News
Pro-Abortion Vandal Hangs “Aborted Baby Jesus Dolls” Throughout Hobby Lobby Store
written by Carole Novielli
Tuesday June 3, 2014

Pro-choice propaganda artist Ron English is very controversial. His artwork, described as very disturbing, often focuses on abortion.

Recently Ron English uploaded a video depicting a baby Jesus doll hanging from a coat hanger with a sign saying: Hobby Lobby Aborted Baby Jesus.

It is unclear who orchestrated this vandalism or who produced the video. But Ron English just happened to go to the exact Hobby Lobby where these dolls were placed:

English writes on his blog, “While at Hobby Lobby in Poughkeepsie NY, Ron came across a rack which held four crucified aborted Baby Jesus’. Wonder if they are still there?”

The video shows the back of a person walking through a Hobby Lobby store on what appears to be around Easter.

The person then strategically places the coat hanger “aborted Jesus” through out the store.

The video entitled “Christian Consumerism” is almost certainly intended to make some sort of political statement, most likely in reference to Hobby Lobby’s pending lawsuit against the Obama Administration in opposition to Obamacare’s birth control mandate.

It ends with this cryptic message: “Consume like a real Christian at Hobby Lobby!

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