June 12, 2014

USA: 92% Black Male Teen Unemployment in Chicago, but Guess Who Mayor Rahm Emanuel is Opening Jobs To? Illegal Immigrants.

written by Jennifer Burke
May 12, 2014

Earlier this year, TPNN reported that the unemployment rate for black male teens, ages 16 – 19, in Chicago was at an astronomical 92%. Despite this dismal statistic, Chicago Mayor Democrat Rahm “DeadFish” Emanual, announced that for the first time, Chicago would allow illegal alien teens and students to apply for the nearly 23,000 City-funded internship, volunteer, and job opportunities.
“Chicago is a city that was built by immigrants and I am committed to ensuring that DREAMers have the same opportunities offered by the City to all of Chicago’s youth,” said Mayor Emanuel. “We will open our doors to support talented young people who are committed to their education, building their job skills, and bettering their communities.”

The City will begin accepting applications immediately for approximately 500 City internships, volunteer, and job opportunities offered year-round, 30 Mayor’s Office Fellowships, as well as more than 22,000 opportunities to participate in summer jobs, internships and job training programs offered through the One Summer Chicago program.
He continues his statement on his official website by saying how he plans to spread the word about this perk for illegal immigrants.
To maximize the availability and access to these opportunities for Chicago’s DREAMers, the Mayor’s Office of New Americans and the Department of Family and Support Services will lead a coordinated outreach campaign in targeted neighborhoods and schools with high concentrations of immigrant populations. These efforts will include distributing informational materials to immigrant students and families, hosting joint community events, and expanding marketing efforts through existing City programs.

“Immigrant and undocumented students face a range of unique challenges and barriers to leveraging their skills,” said Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) Commissioner Evelyn Diaz. “That is why DFSS will work with its public agency partners to inform students and families of these summer enrichment programs and internship opportunities and encourage DREAMers to apply.”
Let that sink in for a minute. There aren’t even enough jobs for the American citizen youth in Chicago, but Emanuel will not only open jobs to illegal aliens, but also actively recruit them for these jobs.

What’s next? Will Emanuel allow illegal immigrants practice law as an attorney? No wait, that’s California….for now.

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