June 13, 2014

SOMALIA: Islamist Militant Group al-Shabaab Car Bombed The Somali Parliament, Sent In A Suicide Bomber And Deployed Gunmen On Foot In A Highly-Organised Attack On The State; 10 MURDERED

The Telegraph, UK
written by By Harriet Alexander, and agencies
May 24, 2014

A car bomb at parliament in the Somali capital killed at least seven people on Saturday, police and Reuters witnesses said. Al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab militants claimed responsibility for the blasts.

The militants carried out a multi-pronged, complex attack against the country's parliament building involving a car bomb, suicide bomber and gunmen on foot.

"The so-called Somali parliament is a military zone. Our fighters are there to carry out a holy operation. We shall issue a comprehensive report after the conclusion of the operation," the group's military spokesman, Abdulaziz Abu Musab, told AFP.

At least seven people were killed, including six attackers and one soldier who tried to stopped a suicide bomber from entering the building, said police Capt. Mohamed Hussein.

Gunfire was heard after the blasts inside the parliament compound, a Reuters witness said. He saw four bodies at the site.

"Two explosions went off inside the Somali parliament house compound," said Major Nur Ali, a police officer.

Some members of parliament were inside the building at the time, one politician said. Gunfire was also heard from a mosque opposite.

An Al Jazeera correspondent said that one MP had been wounded and taken from the building.

Mogadishu has been hit by a series of suicide bomb attacks claimed by al Shabaab militants, who were pushed out of the capital about two years ago and have waged a sustained guerrilla campaign since then.

Since being ousted from Mogadishu, al Shabaab has intensified its attacks in Somalia and in neighbouring Kenya, which sent troops across the border to fight the Islamists. In September, the group killed 67 people in a shopping mall in the capital Nairobi.

In February at least 11 people were killed when it attacked the presidential compound.


Horseed Media, Somalia
written by Hussein Farah
May 24, 2014

At least ten people was killed and more than thirty wounded after Al Shabaab militants attacked the Somali Federal Parliament in Mogadishu, on Saturday.

The attack happened during a parliamentary session, more than one hundred MPs were present in the parliament building which is one of the heavily guarded buildings in the Somali capital.

A car bomb exploded at the entrance of the Parliament, later several armed militants stormed the building, and a heavy gunfight ensued between the gunmen and the African Union Peacekeepers (AMISOM).

The gun battle was ongoing for hours after the first explosion.

For the last couple of days there have been many rumors about a motion against the President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who is currently traveling to South Africa for the inauguration ceremony of President Jacob Zuma.

More than 100 MPs were planning to draft a motion of NO confidence against the President. Many MPs blame the President of the insecurity in the country and the corruption allegations against the Federal government.

Last week Gen. Abdi Mohamed Ismail the former head of the somali Custodial Corps was pardoned by the President. The former general who was arrested last October, was indicted by the military court for releasing dozens of Al Shabab fighters from Mogadishu prison.

President Hassan says, he has released the general after requests from his clan and family members. Some say the President released the general in a campaign to gain more support to bring to a halt the current motion of NO confidence being drafted by the MPs.

In October 2013 the militant group launched a devastating attack on the Mogadishu’s court, killing more than 15 people. In February this year, Al Shabab fighters attacked the Presidential palace killing almost 20 people; seven Al shabab fighters were killed in that attack.

The government launched an investigation on the attacks. In both incidents the gunmen were wearing military uniforms and had access to the inner perimeter of the Presidential palace. But so far the Somali government hasn’t released any information regarding the ongoing investigations.

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