June 13, 2014

SAUDI ARABIA: Muslim Grocery Story Owner Upset With His Employee, A Poor Foreign Worker From India, Dragged Him To The Middle Of The Street, Stabbed Him To Death And Left Him There.

The Muslim stabbed his victim, and coldly left as though nothing happened

written by Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat
April 13, 2014

The video you are about to see is not a gangster killing another gang, but a grocery story owner from the Swedi District in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who was upset with his employee, a poor foreign worker from India. So he decided to make an example of him, dragged him to the middle of the road, in front of passerbys, and stabbed him to death, and left him there to die.

But this wasn’t enough. As the cell phone began to record, from a passerby, the boss decided to come back and hack his non-Muslim victim.

Al-Arabbiya Network, says that such things happen daily, but this time, it was out in the open.

It was all caught on video.

This is how Saudi Muslims see non-Muslims. Shoebat.com reported last year on how there is in Saudi Arabia a huge demand from Muslim for the blood of Christians. Muslim terrorists in Syria have made large profits by killing Christians, draining their blood into bottles, and selling them to Saudis for $100,000 a bottle.

We at Shoebat.com have dedicated our lives to saving Christians from Islamic oppression. Rescue Christians has actually rescued two Christians from Saudi Arabia. And we have rescued thousands from Muslim violence in Pakistan, and we will continue to save lives from this evil in Syria and Iraq.

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