June 13, 2014

Sagittarius Full Moon June 12, 2014

Intro written by Lena Stevens at www.thepowerpath.com
body written by Patricia Liles
[source: Crystal Wind]

Dear Friends,

Full Moon is Thursday, June 12, at 10:11 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a time to celebrate joy, life and opportunity. Spend some time just being grateful for all your teachers, lessons, relationships, opportunities, challenges and growth. Be in acceptance of another’s choices and choose something for yourself today that is truly just for you and does not consider anyone else. This is a bid for power especially for those of you that always put yourselves last.

If life has recently thrown you challenges, see those challenges as a gift and as an opportunity for growth and power. Remember that there are no accidents and it is important not to be in resistance or feel victimized by any circumstance. Being proactive with your positive attitude creates movement towards your own expansion and bid for more power. Live life instead of life living you.


Sagittarius Full Moon
Sun in Gemini ~ Moon in Sagittarius 22ยบ
June 12, 2014 10:11 PM Mountain Time
(June 13, 2014 4:11 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

We’re pushing fast towards the powerfully aligned point of Summer Solstice, but first we have one stop to acknowledge along the way ~ Sagittarius Full Moon. Traveling through the signs that rule our mental energies might lend us some insight into how to work with those pesky monkey minds of ours to be not so much in the service of ego, but to calm down and let us turn up the inner wisdom of the heart for our guidance and information. All praise to Gemini who with neutral messenger Mercury wants to collect, process and connect information at all levels. It’s a notable high when all systems are clicking, people, ideas, and dates and times are coming together, insights are flying and we feel the yang energy electrifying the air. Sagittarius takes it to the next level with the expansive, truth seeking influence of ruler Jupiter. Sag wants to interpret, weigh, and sort the mental input for meaning, wisdom and truth, and look for the inspiration (a fire sign after all). This is where judgments are made, beliefs are formed, morals revealed – in the ‘higher mind’.

Sagittarius is idealistic, adventurous, spontaneous (it’s that fire again). Sag loves seeking what lies beyond the horizon, what’s next? What else? Jupiter blesses Sag with all that is positive, optimistic, generous and direct. Sag benefits from a study of collected bodies of knowledge like philosophy, law, history, religion and expanding personal horizons through travel. Travel! Now you’re talking! Exposure to foreign cultures, people, ideas leads them to deepen the meaning of their lives, see the broader picture, think globally and set upon meaningful life paths.

Our Full Moon chart has some helpful insights. We are still within the influence of the Pluto square Uranus aspect; the Grand Cross is reduced to a T-Square, yet collectively we continue to be deeply challenged to be adaptable to these times of transition.

Ruling planet, Jupiter, is in Cancer (June 2013-mid July 2014). Our beliefs about our feeling nature and the emotional baggage from the past have been at the forefront of our attention. We are bringing our emotional nature into present time with the help of the Grand Trine in water signs: Jupiter in Cancer (expanding our emotional nature from the personal to the universal and feeling deep love for our Mother planet Earth), Saturn in Scorpio (having the discipline and focus to look at and unlock festering old stuck places that create contraction, crankiness and inflexible joint issues), and Chiron in Pisces (healing and releasing old woundedness and suffering and turning it into a gift of wisdom to share with others). It may not feel like a gift because a lot is being asked of one when you start pointing a gnarled finger towards the emotional body, but these planets are in an aspect of great support, and those willing to step up and move the emotional body into free flow will reap tremendous benefit and power to create the life you want.

The Sun and the Moon are squared to Chiron in this Grand Trine configuration, so chances are the increased energy of Full Moon will push you in the direction of the feminine water qualities of receptivity, surrender, and compassion for self healing. Ask yourself if your behaviors are moving you towards love or separation. With Mercury in Cancer retrograding, the limitations of our emotional fears and withholds may beg for release, and we may be much more willing to express what we are holding in our hearts. This Mercury retrograde seems to be bringing up for resolution long standing issues of all kinds. What is magnified and in your face at this time? This is where you need to step up.

Mars is growing ever closer to both Vesta, guardian of the sacred temple and the fires that glow within, and Ceres, mother goddess and Nourisher of the planet. As Mars in Libra enters sacred union with these feminine principles, healing of the wounded and unbalanced masculine is taking place. Each one of us can do our part to transform this vital part of ourselves as Mars and Pluto square exactly at this Moon.

Mars is the activator of the ongoing Pluto/Uranus square and will exactly square Pluto on June 14 and exactly oppose Uranus on June 25. Mars was in retrograde during the exact Grand Cross and now is moving forward. More aggressive, impulsive action may be the result hopefully channeled into breaching old structures and breaking out of fear. The Moon will have moved into Capricorn and be traveling with Pluto on the 14th, so emotion will be high behind this energy on Saturday morning after Full Moon.

With Venus exactly opposing Saturn at 18ยบ Taurus/Scorpio in this chart, all relationships, finances (debt), and pleasure seeking will come under scrutiny. Venus opposed Saturn might be asking you that same love or separation question. Are you taking responsibility for what you are creating in your life?

At this Moon’s fullness, balance the often times overwhelming mental and media stimulation with moving your beastie body in nature. Give due to the symbolic wisdom of Sagittarius as Centaur – Half beast~half human and use your body and all its senses to carry you to grounding of the energetic changes being asked of us at this time.

06/21 Summer Solstice-Sun enters Cancer 4:51 AM Mountain Time
06/27 Cancer New Moon 5ยบ, 2:09 AM Mountain Time
07/01 Mercury stations direct
07/12 Capricorn Full Moon-20ยบ, 5:25 AM Mountain

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